Macy’s Rompers I’m loving right now!

Macy’s Rompers I’m loving right now! Bar III is the premiere contemporary line on a budget for Macys. I love it! They usually have the best version of fashion trends at an affordable price! See some of my favorite rompers right now! Click link below

Great Macy’s Dress Deals

Great Macy’s Dress Deals Hello Fashion Bosses! There are still really great deals post Labor Day Found this amazing yellow BCBG dress! BCBG is leaving the department store unfortunately but they are liquidating and things are marked down severely. Go to your local Macy’s door and see if there’s anything left! Any ways seeContinue reading “Great Macy’s Dress Deals”

There are 2 retail career decisions I will always regret…

I have worked in 2 of the biggest retail stores in the country and have managed over $100 million in volume. Even with the many accomplishments and experiences I have had, there are still moves in my career I sometimes wished I did differently.