There are 2 retail career decisions I will always regret…

In any industry but especially fashion & retail, experiences are everything. The more experiences you have the better path you can form for yourself in your career. 

I have worked in 2 of the biggest retail stores in the country and have managed over $100 million in volume. Even with the many accomplishments and experiences I have had, there are still moves in my career I sometimes wished I did differently. There are 2 things I regretted in my career:

  • Assistant Buyer opportunities…
  • I wished I did at least an internship or started my career in buying. In order to grow faster in the retail world whether online or in brick & mortar it would be beneficial to understand buying & planning concepts. 

It paints the perfect picture in understanding how to manage a business on your own or for a company. 

Then, Many higher-level positions in retail want someone who has a buying background. It can’t do anything but benefit your career and it trains your mind to thing a specific way. 

I am grateful for the amazing mentoring I have received so I understand buying at a high level but to this day I wished I had the first- hand experience. 

Retail today is all about customer experience and having a clientele book.

Luxury Retail opportunities

Regretted not working at a luxury boutique at some point in my early career. Remember, luxury. Luxury retail experience transcends to any specialty or department store position. 

Retail today is all about customer experience and having a clientele book. Luxury retail soars in this area hands down. Having that experience will benefit you in the long run regardless. 

  1. Having 10+ years of supervisory experience that was not in luxury limited me for growth. There were many times I applied and never got a call back for anything unless it was for a sales associate job. Financially I could not afford to take a pay cut like that and work my way up. 

I have also learned that luxury brands have a certain image and to be considered you need to fit that look through your appearance, resume and how you conduct business. This is extremely important. 

I have been grateful for the experiences I have had and worked at but take my advice if you really want to grow in corporate or regional level in retail. It might go a long way. I am here to share my situations with others in hope that they learn something and apply it.  

Have you ever regretted something you did not do or pursue in your career or personal life?

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