A Girl designing a custom closet…

A dream closet has always been a goal when I finally owned a home. Recently my husband and I during crazy Covid scare purchased a home (yes crazy but we live on faith in God). It’s our first home but it feels close to a dream home when I installed my walk in closet. I went through the famous California Closets and my designer Taylor is by far the most amazing person to work with. She had a vision and listened to what I wanted.

My favorite type of shoes are wedges! They are comfortable and give me height!

Here were the key things I wanted in my closet:

  1. White – I wanted white shelves, white everything. White looks bigger and cleaner. For me you can find things when you have a pure palette in white.
  2. Shoe space – I have a lot of shoes and that was the most important thing to me. I recently gave away about 45 pairs of shoes so I have an excuse to buy more now with the space that I have! Absolutely am in love with my shoe space. I have 3 categories of which consist of flats, sneakers and heels/boots.
  3. Doors – I wanted doors at least for my clothes hanging and folded. It looks way more clean and you get to hide any imperfections of your color story of your clothes that way. Yes I think like that, I like things to be hidden these days. My room looks more clean and simple that way.
  4. Gold accent somewhere – I love white and gold where I can get it! My designer suggested gold handles for the doors and I am obsessed. We also decided on longer handles as well to give the closet doors a more exaggerated luxury effect.

This space was originally a garage, turned a room, then my closet. The previous owner had turned it into a room but they had outdated wooden panels. We removed the panels and discovered that the panels literally were glued to the cement walls. Yes cement walls! My husband found someone who plastered the walls and painted the walls white before we installed the closet. Wow what a difference! He also installed base boards and framed the air conditioning unit as well as the window in the room. Below is a picture before and after…

I just walk into this space daily and I feel so blessed. Have you had a transformation of something that just blows you away constantly? Share below!


Jessi Morgan

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