jessi’ i love places presents…the dry bar

The Bar…The Bar…I can honestly say before I met my husband I could care less about a bar of some kind in a home. I grew up without one and my parents don’t drink at all. So it was not a necessity or a luxury to have one. However, I have learned to enjoy a drink or two and being able to have what you need in your own home is so convenient these days especially.

So back to the bar…our new home we just purchased is 40+ years old home and the original owner turned this before closet into a bar. It’s made completely of wood and it has a cool vintage look that my husband and I liked when we first saw the house. We were excited to decorate it and enjoy it with guests, but I felt there was something missing from it.

Since I was in the mist of using contact paper in my bathrooms I decided to some pinstripe gold tape to jazz up our bar space. It cost about $14 from amazon and it was worth it.

“I literally used this tape and scissors to make my final product. It took about an hour & a half only because I was extremely detailed and careful”

And see below the final product. I showed it to some friends and they felt like it was a completely different piece of furniture! I topped it off with a nice gold tray I received from Macy’s. It pulled together nicely…

So drink up! Enjoy your spaces in your home because what 2020 has taught us is…you need to make your home as comfortable as possible because you never know what can happen #covid19 Signing off and concluding another Jessi’ I Love Places!!!

Have you done any simple design changes to a space that just made a huge difference? Share below!

Tools used to make this space pop…

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