The entrance to our home

How it all began…

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The last 7 weeks moving into our new home has been an experience. We have done already some massive things to the home but on of my most treasured memories will be re-doing the entrance. The previous owner had massive amounts of couch grass that led up to the front door as well as planted cactus plant and poinsettas. I was not a huge fan of it because it attracted lizards to the 100th degree and they were constantly hanging out right by the door. It was challenging so we decided to remove it and oh gosh was it bare. See the before and after.

So the next step was plant something that is low maintenance and pretty to go with the brown and cream color of the house. I work retail and am a Beauty Director for 12+ doors so my time is limited and I need something that does not take a lot of time to keep up with. We decided to go with Green Island Ficus which is a beautiful simple plant with deep color and glossy leaves and Various Bromeliad plants, which are priced pretty well and on budget.

Then last but not least the rocks…this just set the tone. It’s called Alabama White Rock and I love it. I don’t have a link to the exact type of rock, but here is a substitute that should work out pretty well…Click Here The white rock was the most expensive thing to purchase but it was so worth it in the end. It made the chattahoochie entrance look actually better! We were going to remove the chattahoochie but to save some money now, we decided to re-seal it soon and paint it a darker color to match the house.

Finally, the next big transformation was around our mailbox. I totally hated the massive forest we had around it and anything could have been living in there, seriously. We moved all the vegetation there and it was not easy to do since so much of it had deep roots in there for many years. But we managed to pull out the stumps and really start over. See the before & after below.

Day and Night, right? What a difference! The house looks bigger to me with just that change. We used Bags of Cypress Mulch which also won’t attract as many bugs and possible termites. Termites are attracted to mulch and it’s best never to put mulch right up against the home. We planted Wart Fern around the mailbox, it will grow but not at a massive rate like the previous plants that were there. We were so happy with the finished product and I want to thank A Touch of Grass for installing such a simple but amazing entrance to our front yard! Contact them on Home Advisor for the Miami, FL area. Click Here…

Thank you and check back for more home renovations soon!


Jessi Morgan

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