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The Kitchen Island…

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Within Coral Gables, FL there are various homes that have such history and appeal. I grew up in this area with my parents and have always admired the taste level of our neighbors with their homes.

One of my favorite places has to be our neighbor’s home…Vivian’s Kitchen Island. It’s just one of my favorite spaces to come visit and have a cup of lemonade or coffee. Hear the story of the renovation and concept behind this wonderful space.

This family saved money for over 15 years to renovate their entire downstairs of their home practically. And it has paid off! The #1 priority was the kitchen, Vivian and her family are like mine. They gather around the kitchen table to not just eat but to converse. Check out this island…this is the island of all islands!

First, the island feels like a mile long, it can sit easily 12 people and still have room! She picked out an amazing pure white quartz counter top to match the overall white theme to her kitchen. I love the hidden refrigerator with the long exaggerated handles. It gives it such an elegant but simple feel. The backsplash is so pretty and has a hint of gray in the print. I really love it because with the kitchen being white already, the backsplash just gives it the complete look.

Second, the amount of drawer space is out of this world as well. This kitchen island alone has 12 drawers! What an amazing use of space.

One of the most charming stories from the owner was her standing firm on getting this kitchen island. This space originally had a wall separating the kitchen and the dining room table. Just picture a wall lining up next to the now refrigerator…that was the size of the kitchen.

The interior designer that she worked with wanted her to keep it separated. They even drew up plans and everything to persuade Vivian to do what they suggested. But Vivian held her ground and said no.

Lastly, I personally felt she made the right decision based on the needs of her family. Family is all about conversing with each other and hanging out. This 117 inch long by 66 inch wide kitchen island represents that for her family dynamic. This is why I view this as a “Jessi’ I love Places.” What piece in your home means the most to your life or family dynamic?

Most of this kitchen’s pieces came from Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrell. However, I do have some great dupes or options from Amazon. Check out the links below.

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  1. Wow! What a fabulous kitchen. Something I would treasure in my house is a big island like that. She did a great job!

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