As Lynette drives jumps from call to call negotiating with her key department stores to drive her Coty Fragrance business, she sits in her living room fixing up her amazing coffee book collection as she once again admires her beautiful home that she share with her wonderful husband!

Welcome to another Jessi’s I Love Places featuring a close friend of mine named Lynette who a high power regional director for Coty Fragrances Division! #powerfulwoman I admire her so much as a business woman and as a friend. We have been working together for the past couple of years and I noticed how amazing Lynette’s taste in clothes and style always.

So I was extremely excited to feature portions of her amazing home for my next entry. I just adore her official living room. I love the neutral pieces of furniture, however she adds amazing color accessories like the pillows up against the mirror to the red orange coffee table. I am also obsessed with her collection of coffee books, she has them everywhere but in a way that makes sense and creates such dimension to her room.

Lynette also does a great job of balancing solids with a bit of print to give the space more depth. The carpet and the matching pillow patterns were just the right touch.
Fun Fact: She loves leopard prints by the way lol.

The Entrance…One of the most thoughtful and stunning entries to a home comes from Lynette as well. She does an amazing job with choosing wallpaper that fit and match her taste in furniture. The chairs matched perfectly with the walls but they did not blend in and get lost. The walls had a print on top of the muted gray tone that tied in with the gray velvet like grand chairs in the entry way.

I am excited to share more of Lynette’s home in my next post but for now here are a few design/decor tips I learned from visiting her home:

  • Monochromatic mixed with prints is awesome – Being able to keep the same color story but have a print thrown in to shake it up is the ultimate design concept.
  • Wallpaper is back – If you pick the right wallpaper and match it up with coordinating furniture pieces you will have a wow in your home.
  • Coffee table books NEVER GET OLD – Coffee books are like works of art that you do not hang. Continue to utilize them to make your spaces more interesting.
  • Mirrors – Long Mirrors defiantly give the illusion that the room looks bigger. It may not be a bad idea for me get one for our living room now, I beyond inspired.
  • Art Pieces – A living room or entry way is not complete without a work of art of some sort displayed. It just ties the room together and sets the tone for what you want the decor of your home to be.

So cheers to the Jessi’s I Love Places feature for the week! What do you feel is the most important part of a living room?

Lynette found many of her pieces in one of a kind locations and Macys! She loves to mix the low with the high. Check out some cool dupes from Macy’s based on some of the very unique pieces from this home. Click picture below to take you there!

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