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The best coffee in the world in my opinion is Nespresso! They have the most flavored coffees with or without sugar and cream. I also love their sleek coffee machines and how it gives your kitchen a sophisticated feel. No matter what your decor is in your home, your Nespresso machine will go with it.

Also, there are many flavored capsules to choose from and in the past you would have to order your Nespresso capsules online or in a standing door which are extremely limited…

BUT NOW…NESPRESSO capsules ARE AVAILABLE ON MACYS.COM! YES MACYS.COM! I am beyond happy with this, what a convenience and they have an amazing selection as well for both types of machines!

Another plus is having the Nespresso machines on sale during Black Friday! This is the time to buy yourself or a loved one a coffee machine like this. Below I am listing the key coffee machines on sale as well as listing my top 10 from the VertuoLine capsule flavors…Check it out!

My top 10 Favorite Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules…

  1. Caramel Cookie – Love this one by far, it has the taste of caramel, coconut and almond! My new favorite.
  2. Melozio – Has a strong Brazilian coffee taste
  3. Hazelino Muffin – Hazelnut flavor is all I have to say with a touch of almond. I drink this one on the weekends always!
  4. Vanilla Custard – I am not a fan of the name but the taste is so good! It tastes like vanilla cake to me.
  5. Intenso – Just want it says intense but it first tastes strong but when you actually swallow this coffee goes down so smooth.
  6. Stormio – Guatemalan decent flavor, it tastes very sweet to me but I love it.
  7. Ice Leggero* – Extremely fruity taste, if you don’t like sweet then this flavor isn’t for you
  8. Colombia* – Very sweet and creamy!
  9. Mexico* – This one is spicy and a bit intense but that is the Miami type of coffee we love!
  10. Costa Rica* – Little taste of salt in this one but I really love it.

*These are only online at or at a Nespresso boutique…visit

Check out these amazing Nespresso Machines on Sale at Macys during Black Friday! These are great Christmas gifts! Check out the options and click the picture to see the deals! Happy Shopping!


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