The Master Bathroom Vanity…

This was by far one of the best transformations in our new home! I am so proud of it!

Below is the original vanity that was chocolate brown with flower shaped sinks. It was a sight! When we came for the inspection on the house we realized also that the vanity was 30 inches high. My husband is 6’8″ so a vanity being that low forced him to get on his knees to wash his face! So yes the vanity had to be replaced.

Here are the key things that went into replacing our master bathroom vanity:

  1. When we worked with our contractor he raised the new vanity to 36 inches high. This way my husband would NOT need to get on his knees to wash his face or brush his teeth lol.
  2. To save money we did not install a backsplash. We decided to cover the back wall in a beautiful light blue tinted marble contact paper. It saved a lot of money vs installing backsplash.
  3. Next we ordered the black matte faucets from Amazon. They were literally $65 each vs going to Home Depot where they would have been over $120 each!
  4. Then I wanted black accessories to match my black on black theme. I bought all of the pieces from Target, Home Goods and Amazon. I recently found all of the pieces on Amazon, check it out below.
  5. Also, the mirrors came from Lowes. They were a bit heavy to hang at first, but if you have hooks that can hold 20 lbs then you are set.
  6. Last we made sure we had clear organizer bins in the drawers in order for us to stay organized. It has worked beautifully. See Amazon options below that I really like to use.

Again we are so excited for the change in our master vanity and look forward to doing more with our new home! Do you have bathroom goals or aspirations when it comes to remodeling?

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