Jessi’s I Love Places…The Palm Tree Dining Room

“Ok here is the dining room,” said Lynette as she was walking me into this space. I was completely blown away that a room could be so impactful, striking and subtle at the same time. How in the world could that be?

Now, this is one of the most compelling and bold dining rooms I have ever visited. From the wallpaper to the glass table to the chandelier this room just speaks “breaking boundaries.” My friend Lynette and her interior designer really out did themselves this time.

Here are the key facts about this particular space:

  1. The Dining room table & chairs – They were originally made for outdoor seating and Lynette brought them in for the dining room. She had covers made for the chairs and made this dining set a indoor piece. How amazing is this?
  2. The table – The table was originally made for the outside but the owner decided to have a indoor glass top created for it so it can be treated like a typical indoor dining room table. I also found out it is not that expensive to have glass custom made.
  3. Wallpaper – for those who live in South Florida, Lynette got her wallpaper from OGee Paint. They have over 5,000 prints of wallpaper. WOW!
  4. Restoration Hardware – All furniture came from Restoration Hardware!

Last, the most important point that I took away from this space was how confident Lynette was in her home and her choices. I just admire that with her because many people care too much about other’s opinion and at times don’t go for it due to worrying about what others think or feel. When it comes to your home design it is a way to express yourself and hopefully be your authentic self within your 4 walls.

So what bold home statement are you dying to do or try? Share below!

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