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Read this caption on the most charming holiday nutcracker displayed in this amazing wine cellar! Now that I have my own home, I am paying attention a bit more to wines. My husband and I aspire to have a wine cellar one day in our home, and the one I am featuring today will blow you away.

Welcome to another “Jessi’s I Love Places” where I am excited to feature this amazing wine cellar in a landmark home that was built in South Florida in the 1920s. Due to the age of the home it needs to be historically preserved, so any installs or changes to this property has to be approved by the city beforehand.

First, this stunning Spanish landmark home still has that charm that the owners wanted to keep when they installed this cellar about 3 years ago. In their previous home they had a wine cellar and needed one in their current home to hold all the various wines they owned/collected over the years.

Next, the family brought in an interior designer to construct a new one in their current formal dining room. I have been in this home many time before the current owners and the space they took to build this cellar was genius. The cellar looks like it’s been there for decades. See below…

Before & After

There was a stunning mirror the owners kept and placed inside the space to keep the classic Spanish home feel. It honestly pulled the entire look together beautifully. The amount of wine they have is unbelievable!

Here is the list of key tips in function & decor you need to know if you are craving to have an official wine cellar in your home:

  1. Labels – The owner has labels on specific wines in order to document when the wine was opened, the year it was made etc. Absolutely necessary to keep everything in order in your cellar if you are going to be serious about wine collecting.
  2. Temperature – Manage the temperature of your wines appropriately. In this home they have a google nest dedicated to the space to ensure their wine stays at the right temperature. I also find the nest extremely clean and it goes with any decor.
  3. Glass Display – If you are going to have a massive wine cellar, show it off! Glass doors could be such a nice touch to your decor and it will match the theme of your home easily. I love the black long handles they added to the doors to give it a great modern look that still complimented the old Spanish feel of this home.
  4. Build for the future – ensure you have additional space when you build a wine cellar. If you want to collect, have enough room to grow.

This is by far one of my favorite places I have visited. Is there a wine cellar or space that just blows your mind? Share in the comments below…

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