Top 5 Men’s Fragrances: Last Minute Gifts

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Ok it’s now the men’s turn! Being a Beauty Director for years I find that men prefer to visit the stores less and are willing to buy the jumbo size fragrance that will last them forever. Always keep that in mind, the bigger the size the better the value usually. Let’s check out the top 5 fragrances for men that customers would always go crazy for!

Macy’s or Ulta is the way to go for last minute fragrance gifts because there is curbside side at both and at Macy’s you will be able to get it wrapped plus an abundance of gifts! Click the pictures below!

Top 5 Men’s Fragrances

Chanel Bleu – The #1 men’s fragrances in Macys and a top seller in Ulta! Chanel Bleu stands the test of time. Holidays are the best time to buy because you will get amazing packaging and possibly additional samples. This is the time to buy! Shower your loved one with the #1 scent!

Dior Sauvage – Right now Sauvage has soared to the top with customers. The scent is so sensual and the packaging for holiday sets are the best ever! Also the Dior after shave and deodorant that goes with the fragrance is amazing as well.

Paco Rabbone $1 Million – What of the most rising stars in men’s fragrance is Paco $1Million! The scent is amazing as well as the gold color brick that the fragrance comes in. I am in love with it, also when you purchase from Macy’s you will be a gift with your purchase. So worth it! Shop for a last minute gift for that special guy in your life!

Bad Boy – The packaging is by far the best and the scent is amazing. The lighting bolt will blow anyone away who wants a daring fragrance perfume to try. Bad Boy was launched in the US in 2020 and did well despite COVID. Bring home this amazing scent, it also comes with great gift with purchase as well during holiday timeframe! Bad Boy is the compliment to Good Girl by Carolina Herrara.

Gucci Guilty – Always in the top 3 and one of the most requested fragrances when I used to be a Beauty Director. Gucci the brand is on the rise again and the fragrance for men has not failed. It has an amazing scent that is noticeable on any guy! A great last minute gift!

Y by YSL – This specific YSL scent is on the rise! I love it on my husband and any guy! Enjoy this fragrance with an amazing gift if you go into Macy’s! So worth the purchase!

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