The Oriental Powder Room to the Coastal Kitchen Table… Jessi’s I Love Places

I wanted to share this Jessi’s I Love Places I bit different with this entry! I wanted to share 2 different spaces within one blog post this time from the same place.

Some time ago I shared a home with a stunning living room, and a beautiful entry way with the most unbelievable wallpaper. Remember? If not check out that entry here.

Anyways, I wanted to feature and share tips on this amazing kitchen table space as well as how to set the tone for your powder room. Since moving into our home I have grown fond of a having a nice kitchen table set up. I am still thinking of what I want in my own space, but seeing my friend Lynette’s kitchen table set up below just gives me ton of inspiration.

Check out this space as well as this bold powder room below…

Kitchen Table

What I love most about Lynette’s home is the contrast she has between rooms. If you recall in another blog post from some time ago she has an amazing dining room with a massive glass table that is to die for. Click here. Now onto her kitchen table…the complete opposite!

The family wants a cozy & intimate feel when they sit for a dinner. They were going for a coastal feel at the kitchen table. Their table and chairs came from Serena & Lily. What completes this space is the basket lamp fixture hanging over it (from Urban Loft).

Tips/Lesson learned:

  • Bring the outside inside your home when you can – If you love coastal living bring the feel into your home sometimes from chairs to a dining room set to bright blue/yellow color story. This is a trend that continues to evolve and it gives you that vacation vibe at home. People continue to buy outside furniture for indoor spaces.
  • Matching materials still work – By tying the straw-like feel in this space with the hanging lamp and the chairs, it gave the room cohesiveness that is not overwhelming at all. Monochromatic is still in and is not going anywhere in fashion and in home decor.
  • Rugs complete a room – Especially in a family room or kitchen the rug completes the look at all times. Lynette purchased a simple straw round rug to go with her dining room set.

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The Powder Room

Powder rooms in my opinion define the entire style of the home today. Walking into this stunning powder room of Lynette’s will blow anyone away. The wallpaper is a bright reddish tone with an illustrated tiger and tree printed on it. She was going for an oriental feel and that was accomplished. The simple marble sink with golden handles make the space feel like a jewel box. That was the reference that Lynette felt strongly about when designing this area.

Tips/Lessons learned

  • Wallpaper can set the tone in a Powder Room – If you want an oriental feel to a bohemian style in your powder room you can definitely do that with the right wallpaper. Use wallpaper to match your theme.
  • Neutral fixtures are wallpapers best friend – If you decide to have a bold wallpaper or print ensure your sink, handles, door knobs, soap dish etc are neutral colors to compliment the walls. It will not feel busy even if the space is small in size.

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Any home decor goals you have going into 2021? Share below!

Happy New Year!


Jessi Morgan

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