Home Decor Update…Instagram inspired Shelves

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First, let me just say it is so fun decorating our new home and having to come up with great concepts for every room. I have grown to appreciate interior design and decorating to the 1000 degree! My previous project was dealing with an empty wall in our dining room.

I needed to add something to a bare wall I had in my dining room and I saw something on instagram that I had to replicate! These shelves just brought the entire room together and I am beyond excited to share!

Now, even a simple set up like this really took time and vision from the weight that the shelves can hold to the type of pieces to place on the shelves. Here are the key tips & tricks:

  • Measurements – You need to measure your wall and see what size shelf want to install. For my home I went with a 12 inch x 48 inches long set of 4 shelves that was a lighter wood color. (Shelves were purchased at Home Depot in the Decorative Shelves area).
  • Brackets – I preferred to have the brackets displayed but to make them appear hidden a bit I purchased white ones to match my white wall. I am very happy I did. (Purchased at Home Depot)
  • Decor Pieces – I literally utilized many of my HomeGoods gift cards for all the decor pieces, I also utilized some of the items I already had in my home to finish the look. I am sharing duplicate options at the bottom of this entry from Amazon as well as my LiketoKnow.it page!
  • Color Story – To keep the shelves cohesive I went with a white, gold & green theme when I purchased everything. By sticking to a color story I am held more accountable to staying consistent throughout my home decor discussions.
  • Lines – It is smart to have your pieces on the shelves line up under each other in a straight line, so it looks clean regardless. See below. It keeps your shelves clean and every piece will be visible.

Finally I am so pumped to share this project! Below I linked great duplicates on some of these decor pieces. Unfortunately I purchased most of mine from HomeGoods so I do not have a link. But below are great duplicates from my Liketoknow.it page as well as from Amazon. Click Pictures below! Enjoy shopping!


Jessi Morgan

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