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First, welcome to another entry of “Jessi’s I Love Places.” There is nothing like having a backyard that takes you away from the reality of life sometimes. One of my favorite places is our friend Vivian’s backyard that she renovated in the last 2 years. She literally transformed it into an Oasis.

That sweet little pup in the picture is Nala, the Labradoodle!

Next, the backyard has a massive overhang that covers you completely from the sun and rain. The space includes an amazing patio seating area, outside grill, sink, and a massive dining table with chairs.

Also, during renovation they installed a beautiful quaint pool next to the overhang area. The pool was designed in a rectangular shape with a beautiful surrounding marble tile floor. It just complements the modern/traditional feel that Vivian was going for. After visiting this space I realized how important it is to have a backyard.

Here are the key lessons about having a dream backyard:

  • Patio Furniture – I love how the furniture is position in their backyard. They make it a point to have chairs facing each other for great conversation and comfort. I love the decorative pillows that are full of color to give the space some pop. This entire space just sets the tone for the backyard. Key tip here…spend some money and get a durable set of patio furniture.
  • Privacy – I am in love with the. amount of privacy they have. After the construction was done they planted tall trees to block anyone from looking in. In my next home I want to focus on privacy and hope that I can mimic what I saw at Vivian’s home. The older I become the more privacy I want with my family in my home.
  • Yard – If you can afford it, having some type of yard with green grass to me is so important. The ideal backyard is Vivan’s to me. The overhang stops and they have massive amount of grass for their dog to run around in. It’s always good to have views of plants and vegetation in a home because it is relaxing and it allows you to bask in Mother Nature for at least a few moments daily.
  • Pool – You don’t need to have a massive pool to enjoy. Their pool is of a smaller size but gives such a sophisticated feel to the backyard. What I learned here is going big is not the answer all the time.

Finally, to wrapped it up…I hoped you enjoyed this entry on Vivan’s backyard and hopefully it inspires you to think more of your backyard space. I have listed below some of my favorite key items that are duplicates of the space showcased today. Enjoy shopping!!


Jessi Morgan

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