Macy’s VIP Sale 30% off

It’s spring and it is time for Macy’s VIP sale where many top brands go on sale for 30% off and beauty is discounted at 15% off! I love this sale so much and wanted to share my top picks! Hurry the sale ends 4/5!

Beach Bound Favs

I am usually not a huge fan of the beach but with the pandemic it is looking very appealing. I am a huge fan of one-piece swimsuits and you can never go wrong with a Tory Burch sandal. Shop my favorite looks!

Spring Dresses

You can wear them everyday or for occasions like Easter! I have fallen in love with dresses, I want wear them constantly now. Now that it is spring, shop my favorite dresses!

My Spring Loungewear Picks

It’s spring! Who wants to be comfy? Everything seems positive and it is so funny how everyone is excited for spring season and all items that come with it. Check out my favorite lounge picks!

I love bright and fun loungewear! It just makes you feel good right? Shop the look below and follow me on app!

Tips on sprucing up your Bathroom Vanity

I recently started looking at the space between my bathroom vanities and found it…boring. I had to give it a little bit of pop and personality to fit the rest of our decor in the house.

Bathroom vanity before

I decided to visit my favorite store these days which is Target! You can never go wrong there. With their amazing collaborations with Magnolia & Studio McGee they have some of the best decor pieces out there for a great price and look.

Here are some of my tips when filling in the space between your bathroom sinks:

  1. No Blockage – Whatever you decided to put up for decoration make sure you can still wash your face in peace. I am not a fan of decor that blocks you from doing what you need to do. Always keep that in mind.
  2. Spa Feel – I believe that every single bathroom vanity needs to feel welcoming and spa like. You can achieve that with rolled up towels and other liquid soap to wash hands etc.
  3. Wall decor – If you have space between the mirrors of the sinks it is smart to hang something to have your eyes go up.

And there you have it. Three simple points! Shop these great items below!


Jessi Morgan

That Pop of Color

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Within each space in a room you need that pop of color to show a bit of edge and personality. Within our lounge space I decided to purchase this amazing green velvet sofa to make the room pop. It was the perfect contrast with the neutral/soft nude tones within my home.

So challenge yourself and be a bit bold especially when if you are a fan of neutral home decor. Adding color has stretched me creatively and now I am on a roll updating my home with a bit of color.

Are you a fan of a pop of color in your home? Share in the comments!

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Jessi Morgan

The White + Gold Office

The post contains commission links

When people go to work or work form home, it at times actually creates tension and pressure. When I worked in retail, every single day required focused and some pressure to get results. I really wanted to leave that environment and when I got the opportunity to work from home with an an amazing up and coming tech company I took it.

Clean and open desk space is the key to not feeling overwhelmed.

First, I was excited to work from home and leave that stress behind. Well…I was wrong and I realized working at the kitchen table was not working. I needed an office space so I can separate my work and home life. So I worked on that…

Now, within my newly installed closet room, I had space for an office space. I decided create a soothing work are for myself.

Here’s what it took to create a safe haven space for me to work:

  • Went with White & Gold color story – Yes white, white to me represents clean, crisp and open. I wanted all of the pieces in the space to be simple and elegant at the same time. I view gold as a elegant color and it is also one of my favorite colors that I use throughout my home. My closet door handles were gold so continuing that into the office space was key.
  • Desk with no drawers – to stay organized I feel you need a desk with no drawers. It will force you to know what you have at all times and to not clutter up your desk. This is mentally great for me because when I walk into my work space it is 9/10 times clean already.
  • Comfy Office Chair – This sounds so easy but its a step many people do not take the time to search for. I have an amazing leather white chair that is comfy and I am able to sit in it for hours. It is from Amazon and I looked at measurements and ratings to ensure this was the perfect fit for me and my back.
  • Gold accessories – I actually cheated here a bit. I used an old set of poppin office collection from The Container Store and spray painted it gold. It matched my white & gold desk beautifully and just made the entire office space come together.

I am now more productive at home with my office space and being able to separate home life and work life under the same roof is so fulfilling for me. Share your office space below in the comments?

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Jessi Morgan