How to paint a monochromatic DIY painting

I am in the mist of refreshing our master bedroom and I wanted a monochromatic DIY painting in the corner of my bedroom. Check out how I did it!

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Instead of trying to buy one and paying at least $300 dollars for it, I decided to paint it myself. I am really liking the textured paint abstract art pieces these days but I also wanted to put my own spin on it as well. Here is how I made it happen:

  1. Michael’s – I found all my art supplies at Michael’s. I love the store, it has everything you need. If you do not have a Michael’s any art store will do.
  2. Textured metallic paint – I love metallic because it gives a great shine to a piece and it makes your art piece look even more interesting.
  3. Putty Knife – easy to use and can control thicker paint to brush back and forth.
  4. Canva 36″ x 48″ – I prefer a thicker Canva since texture paint is thicker.
  5. Have fun – There are no rules on how to create a texture abstract masterpiece!

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Jessi Morgan

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