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Latest Home Decor Trends 2022

It’s the beginning of the year and the latest home decor trends 2022 continue to change/evolve! Over the past two years homes have turned into safe havens and sanctuaries. I feel the same way about my home especially since I work remote. Here are the top trends in 2022:

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1. Mood Lighting

Key trend for the latest home trends 2022.

Mood Lighting – This is such a massive trend right now especially with people remaining home a bit more. In order to have peace, joy or any calmness at home, lighting is everything. I love hanging chandeliers to pendents over a countertop. I also appreciate a good lamp with unbelievable design. Just so you know, I prefer white light all day. I hate lighting that has a yellow tint to it. White light is great for cooking and pictures. However I will say, a yellow light sets a more calming mood so I cannot hate it completely. Shop some of my favorites:

2. Outdoor Living Space

I adore our backyard and its great that backyard oasis are still the latest home trends 2022

Live in outdoor space – Due to the pandemic again outdoor spaces are still very important and people are spending more time outside. Now of course a lot of the country is dealing with cold weather, but when spring comes outdoor spaces are the focus. We literally spent over $10k on our backyard from when we first moved in. Check out the renovation post on our backyard. Shop some awesome outdoor pieces. Shop some of my favorites:

3. Master Bedroom Dream

Master bedroom comfort – Since people travel, but not as much, the master bedroom has taken on a spa like fantasy feel. Shop some of my favorites! Key items to a great bedroom:
Heavenly bed – This is one of the most important latest home decor trends right now in 2022. We have an amazing bed that gets firmer and softer at the touch of a button. We adore our bed and love the 600 thread count sheets from Macy’s and love the neutral bedding concept we have. 
Fluffy rug – Having a bold comfy rug that pulls the bedroom together is key. I feel like I spent just as much time on picking out my rugs as I do a paint color or home decor piece.

4. Home Office

Home Offices – Home office is no longer a desk and chair or the kitchen table. Home offices are now more important than a guest room or a play room honestly. Since according to 60 minutes special on workforce in USA its now 1 out of 7 jobs are remote. So offices are key. Feel free to check out my post on how I put my home office together. Here are the best pieces for a refreshed updated home office. 

5. Bold Prints & add color

Bold prints & touch of color – I love a print mixed in with a bold color or two. We are about to work on adding accent teal walls in my lounge space. I have great solid color pieces but we needed a massive vibrant feel for the space. We also painted a black accent wall in our master bedroom which just changed everything. Just remember adding a print or bright color can transform a space and in 2022 more people will be on this trend. Shop some awesome prints and colorful artwork below:

Would love to hear your opinions on the best trends at the moment for the home. I am excited to add the the latest home decor trends 2022 in my home or expand what I have done already!


Jessi Morgan

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