Bathroom organizer Target hacks

We needed organization…badly! We had this stunning bathroom vanity that we remodeled in 2020 but we couldn’t keep it organized. I finally bought some great bathroom organizer Target hacks that made our life easier in our master.

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These simple bins in the drawers did the trick! Shop at the bottom for my favs.

Very excited to share how we organized and that it did not cost a arm and a leg. Check it out below.

Here are the steps we took:

  1. Pulled everything out & threw it away – Between my husband and myself we have a lot of cosmetic items. And going through them was great because there were things we didn’t use anymore or they were empty! So why keep it?

2. Bins, Bins and optimization – I bought all of my bins and organization stuff from Target. It was a great price and good quality that will last. I bought bins and a nice chrome pull out drawer. The bins are perfect to put in drawers to make sure everything stands up. 

3. Categorize & Sub-categorize – I made sure we separated our items by “His & Hers” and then by facial cleansers, lotions, moisturizers etc. It is now so easy to locate everything. 

4. Make the vanity countertop pretty – I bought 2 amazing marble trays for each of our sink areas. I love being able to house all the key toiletries we use daily together and it still looks clean. Bought both at Target, they are perfect and go well with our black sinks. 

I am relieved that this is done! Shop the entire vanity look below! Have you ever put off a project that you dreaded for a bit? Lol

Check out some before and after pictures! And shop the blog post below as well as some other organizing favs of mine!

What a difference in our drawers now!

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