Vinyl Records Display

Let me show you how to create a great vinyl records display. If you are a music lover and collect vinyls or even movie posters or art, using the IKEA picture shelves is golden. I recently inherited over 100 vinyls from my grandparents.

Before and After

A couple of weeks ago my mom was at my grandfather’s house and discovered vinyl records in their attic! My grandfather at first was going to toss them. But thank goodness my mom decided to hold onto them and give them to me and my husband to inventory. 

I was blow away! I discovered some classic records that potentially are the original recordings. My grandparents had Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album, it still had the price of $5.99 and stamped with the famous “Tower Records” label! I found Richard Pryor to Marvin Gaye in here as well. 

Now that we have these treasures we need to have a vinyl records display. I have never been a fan of stacking records on their side, I find it not flattering. I feel that the album covers need to be exposed head on. 

Here is what we did to make our wall of vinyls extremely appealing:

These are the perfect ledges for vinyl records
  1. IKEA picture ledges – these are beautiful & simple and can hold a vinyl without it slipping off the wall. 
  2. Keep it white – I decided to purchase white picture ledges in order for our dining room space to remain clean and balanced. We already have wood shelving on the walls and black display cases. In order to not make the room heavy we decided to keep the new ledges white.
  3. Color coordinated – to keep the wall from looking busy I wanted to group similar vinyl covers together by color. This is a great way to keep the feel of the wall clean as well. 
  4. 45 inch ledges – I wanted to keep simple long lines on the walls so I went with their longest picture ledge they had so there was minimal break between them.

Check out the finished product. I am beyond excited for this display and it will be an awesome conversational piece when we have guests. 

Shop some of my dupes for picture ledges below and other vinyls I am loving right now! 

Key Vinyls we found:

  • 1965 Smokey Robinson & Temptations
  • 1979 Michael Jackson – Off the Wall
  • 1959 Nat King Cole – Welcome to the Club
  • 1964 Marvin Gaye – How sweet it is to be Loved by you
  • 1973 Glady’s Knight & the Pips – Imagination
  • 1982 Dream Girls – Broadway Album
  • 1985 Dionne Warwick – Friends

Will share more soon!


Jessi Morgan

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