Small Black and White Powder Room

The best thing I did was paint my small black and white powder room. I would say the most fun space that you can get away with is your powder room. So why not go bold and paint it black partially and add some bamboo wallpaper?

You can go with a bold color or vibrant printed wallpaper and it does not ever clash with your home aesthetic. I had leftover paint from our bedroom accent wall so I decided to paid three of 4 walls in our powder room black! At first my husband was terrified of my idea.

This is the first phase of our powder room update. The space needed some color since the original brick accent wall just faded out.

Here’s tips on not making the room feel closed in with black color paint:

  1. Paint the walls at least half and half – I decided to paint 3/4 of the wall black and then where the white paneling begins will remain white. It makes the room moody but bright at the same time. 
  2. Accent Wall – I recently updated the wall behind the vanity and mirror to a bamboo wallpaper. It gave the space such dimension and somehow made the space not feel so small.
  3. Choose brighter cabinets and counter tops – We decided to keep the counter tops and bottom cabinets consistent through out the house. It benefited us tremendously in this small black and white powder room to have lighter fixtures.
  4. Have other elements of black to tie it in – some people might disagree but having a black sink and faucet as well as black toilet tissue holder was perfect and it gave a sleek modern look that I was looking for. It brought so much balance to the space.
  5. Greenery & simple decor – I loved that I went with brown floating shelves and green plants. It gave the room enough texture against the black paint.

So go dramatic with your powder rooms and don’t make them predictable! What is the most dramatic thing you have done to your space?

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Jessi Morgan

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