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How to decorate using unused kitchenware in your kitchen

It’s so hard to just stare at unused glassware and coffee mugs in your kitchen pantry. When we moved in last year into our first home I made a promise to myself that I will have function for everything in this house (I know massive commitment).

I had a blank wall next to one of my pantries in my kitchen and I needed to fill it with something appealing to the eye. In order to make it still functional I decided to display old glassware and underutilized coffee mugs in a eclectic style.

Here is what I used to make this happen:

  1. Archway decal – I discovered a really simple and stylish decal sticker in the shape of an arch. It came in a light beige color so it was perfect for my white wall. It was 36″ inches wide and it gave you the illusion that there was a actual archway within the space.
  2. Purchased a set of wooden floating shelves – I made sure the shelves were 36″ inches wide so they were the same length as the decal to bring the illusion of the arch to life.
  3. Use unused glassware – I have lots of old glassware that I do not use anymore so this is a great way to utilize them! I made sure to have different heights in glass to show dimension and excitement. Also I purchased some inexpensive glass bottle to add a bit more.
  4. Coffee mugs & bowls – On the second shelf I styled the many bowls & mugs I had in my kitchen. There is no big secret on how I positioned them, just have fun and make sure to have them set up in all different directions. That is the key to a somewhat unkept display.
  5. Accent table – To finish my set up and to fill in the bottom portion of the arch I bought a really cool accent table from Target to finish the set up. I continued to display a mug, candles and a faux plant to create more texture.

I am beyond happy with the result and it just finishes the kitchen area for us. We are loving it! Do you have any key tips on how to fill up a blank wall? Share in the comments.

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How we transformed our backyard

This is by far the biggest transformation we have done with our home since we purchased it in 2020. Our original backyard had great bones but we needed to update severely. I am so excited to share with you the renovation of our pool area.

When we bought the house the backyard originally had the following:

  • Screened in patio
  • Chattahoochee flooring
  • Massive amount of potted plants
  • Much needed resurfaced pool

When we took on this backyard, we had a vision from the beginning. We wanted a mini oasis that we as a family could relax and enjoy at all times. My husband especially loves being outside and he was so excited to take on this project! I wanted more than anything to make this happened.

First, we chiseled away the chattahoochee surface. Chattahoochee is a pebble like rock that was used for deck surfaces in the 1980s & 1990s. It was extremely popular back then, the key was you had to get it resealed about every 5 years or so to keep it looking neat and safe to walk on. When we bought the home, the previous owner failed to reseal it and the pebbles/rocks were loose and you could not walk to the pool without shoes.

Next, we realized that that in order to install turf around the pool we needed to have a border surrounding the pool. The original design had the chattahoochee all the way to the tip of the pool. If you do not have a border or copping around the pool, the surface you have will mildew. See below the difference between having copping around a pool vs not having it.

Next, we decided to redo the entire pool. We replaced the tiles and resurfaced the inside of the pool. We hired an amazing company called Ivero Pools and they literally worked non-stop and completed the pool in less than 3 weeks. The pool transformed the space entirely.

After, the pool was completed we then hired a company to lay down turf grass. Turf will last close to 20 years or more and we wanted a green grass feel to surround the pool. Since turf is expensive and based on square footage if we laid turf in the entire backyard it would have cost over $5500 and counting. Our backyard was 850 sq feet and vs us covering the entire backyard we left about 280 open to lower the cost.

Here is the breakdown of what we did:

  • Having 850 square foot backyard equaled to the turf costing over $5500. To remain on budget we decided not to turf the entire area.
  • We took 280 sq ft and decided to make it our dining space.
  • To give the backyard some contrast we decided to lay deck wood tiles in the space that we did not lay the turf. We absolutely loved it.
  • We are using the same patio furniture that we had before.

I feel so blessed that we could do such an amazing transformation. We cannot wait to host people in our beautiful backyard. Just this past weekend we sat outside and enjoyed the start of the NBA playoffs.

This renovation of the backyard made me realize that I can do anything if I believe and plan. Because of this backyard I am working on returning to school to study interior design. What project have you worked on that inspired you to do bigger and better things?

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Inexpensive way to refresh kitchen table

Do you know how to refresh your space the inexpensive way?

Here’s the answer…use what you have in different areas of the home! You heard me right?

As you know we have been renovating our fixer upper for the last 7 months and it has been a journey. Recently I just wanted to switch up some of my areas of my home to give it a new feel. Do you do that sometimes?

I am excited wanted to show off some changes that cost nothing. I used to do this within merchandising, when I was a merchandising manager. You can actually change an entire floor and the customer used to think it was a new delivery. I loved that feeling. 

Below are 10-15 key inspirational pieces you can purchase and use to re-arrange always. Check below:

So here are the changes to our kitchen room table: 


Some items were limited time but I am still going to link them below just in case

I loved the before, I bought that limited Levi X Target collection pieces. I love the denim feel to the pottery and pitcher. We bought it to go with some faux plant stems I bought off of Amazon.

The only issue was we had to remove the centerpiece when we had 4 people sitting down to eat, so I had to change it up. See below:


Simple faux moss plant was the key

I bought a cool moss plant piece from Target and had it in our dining room area. I think its simple, classic and does not overpower the table I recently painted black. Just a easy change, so in the end switching up centerpieces on dining tables can just change the room. 

So here are 2 lessons I learned when switching up this space:

  • Less is more – having a simple clean feel makes your space or table look bigger.
  • Avoid a centerpiece on a table that you is extremely huge in size – I learned that I hate having to move my centerpiece off the table every single time.

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Tips on sprucing up your Bathroom Vanity

I recently started looking at the space between my bathroom vanities and found it…boring. I had to give it a little bit of pop and personality to fit the rest of our decor in the house.

Bathroom vanity before

I decided to visit my favorite store these days which is Target! You can never go wrong there. With their amazing collaborations with Magnolia & Studio McGee they have some of the best decor pieces out there for a great price and look.

Here are some of my tips when filling in the space between your bathroom sinks:

  1. No Blockage – Whatever you decided to put up for decoration make sure you can still wash your face in peace. I am not a fan of decor that blocks you from doing what you need to do. Always keep that in mind.
  2. Spa Feel – I believe that every single bathroom vanity needs to feel welcoming and spa like. You can achieve that with rolled up towels and other liquid soap to wash hands etc.
  3. Wall decor – If you have space between the mirrors of the sinks it is smart to hang something to have your eyes go up.

And there you have it. Three simple points! Shop these great items below!


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Tips on decorating the top of your fridge & pantry

This post consists of commission links

Have you seen the new Levi’s x Target collaboration! The Home collection is out of this world! I bought 5 pieces and I am in love! Remember it is a limited collection so get it while it’s available! I used the collection as well as some other amazing pieces to fix up the top of my fridge! So happy to share!

Recently I used the new collection as well as some other pieces to decorate our kitchen table as well as the top of our fridge area. I felt like we were missing some excitement and the new collection answered the call!

Top of Fridge

As you can see the top of my fridge was so boring and I wanted my boho/industrial vibe to come alive a bit more in extended kitchen area.

You can never go wrong with pampa grass and decor dishes to create any vibe you desire. Here are some fo the key tips when decorating a space like this as well as a kitchen table:

  1. Height! – Always always think of Height so your eyes go up. A fridge is never known for beautiful design so to give it a face lift, add height in whatever decor pieces you choose.
  2. Color Story – I stuck to a color story of mostly blues, whites and nudes to tie everything in and to make it look intentional. It is smart to have some kind of a color story.
  3. Print Solid Print rule – To have balance on both sides of fridge/pantry area I made sure the prints were broken up with some solid pieces. When you have too many prints, your guests will not know exactly where to look in my opinion.
  4. Translucent – I placed a glass carafe within the decor set up to give a little bit more of cleaner look and to shake up having just all ceramic pieces. I love the look of a glass pieces mixed in with vases and pitchers.

Final results below!

Hope you were inspired! Shop my favorites & duplicates looks below!


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The Evolution of our Powder Room

The famous saying that you have to crawl before you walk…well that is extremely accurate with own boho powder room. For those you are not familiar, my husband and I moved into our first home in September 2020 and it was a true fixer upper.

The challenging Space before

First, the previous owner was a nice mother & daughter who lived there for 25+ years. They decorated here and there, but you can tell the two had not updated the decor in years. So when we bought the home we had to have a vision and one of the first challenges was the powder room.

Also, I have an earlier post about the first phase of this powder room, check it out if you like!

Next, for phase 2 of powder room Reno, I was in need of filling the second wall in the space to reflect the rest of my home. I have been decorating my home to fit a boho semi-modern, semi-mid century/industrial feel and I want people to see that in every area of our home.

Here is what we did to elevate this powder room more:

  1. Add Shelving – This was not my first choice, but I came up with the idea after two floating shelves wouldn’t fit in my kitchen. So the result was to put them them in the powder room, and I love it. Since we had white walls adding dark wood floating shelves creates contrast just enough to have an amazing statement. Check out my favorite shelves below…

2. Concrete/cement pieces – in order to have a rustic/industrial feel that I do love to incorporate into my home, I wanted it to reflect in my powder room a bit more. I found some really neat pieces that were inexpensive from amazon for my decorating. See below…

3. Marble bowls & coasters for more contrast – I like mixing materials in a space to give it that boho feel a bit. Check out the bowls I purchased as well as my other favs:

4. Faux Plants & Wooden frames – To top it off and give some height to the shelves I bought some faux plants & wooden frames from Target. I wanted some earth tones and greenery in the space to finish the look. Check out some amazing duplicates from Amazon below:

Happy shopping! Visit my page to shop more of my looks. Click picture below:


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Reno Update: The Kitchen

As some of you know my husband and I bought our first home back in September 2020. The home is a fixer upper and does need some work. Whenever you buy an older home you have to be able to see the potential and have a bit of patience. The first thing that needed to be completely re-done was the kitchen.

This home was built in 1976 and the kitchen had the same cabinetry and sink. WOW. The wood was falling a part and I just could not move into this home and not update the kitchen. I was determined to make this happen. Check out the before & after…

When it comes to re-doing a kitchen it can be extremely expensive and we just did not have the budget for that. Here are the key lessons & decor tips when renovating a kitchen for under $8000.

Work with a family owned company

I had the opportunity to work with a family ran business and it was a lot more intimate. The communication was clear and payment was fair from the deposit to the actual work. I dealt with some contractors that wanted me to pay 90% of the money up front and then pay 10% when they start. I didn’t find that good and they could literally just walk away with your money possibly. Also, working with a Home Depot or IKEA is still solid way to go but the price will literally double because of that, so keep that in mind.

Countertops is key

Some people want to cut corners with the quality of the countertops and honestly that should not be the case. We decided to go with white quartz material because it is extremely durable and scratch free usually. White quartz is timeless and for resale purposes it’s the way to go if you ever decided to sale your house.


This is where you can somewhat cut a little bit of corners when it comes to the budget with the cabinets. I went with a grey for the bottom cabinets to compliment the white countertops. The the top cabinets we chose white. I like having a semi-white kitchen, it made the space look much bigger than it appeared when we finished. Last, to stay on budget we went with a simple laminate material for the cabinets vs hardwood.


I prefer a clean kitchen and the best thing I did was use the quartz material to be the backsplash. It actually turned out to be cheaper in cost and to me it looks more elegant. I love the look! Try it!

Go big with the sink

Never go small with your sink. It is always best if possible to purchase a double sink so you can clean and organize your dishes easily. It was one of the best purchases I ever made for the kitchen.


Avoid as much as possible to have a cluttered counter. Try your best to keep your countertops clear. Put everything in a cabinet if possible. It just makes your kitchen more open and it makes you appreciate the look of your kitchen more.

What have you learned when it comes to Reno in a kitchen?

Below shop my kitchen! Most of my kitchen accessories came from Macys or Amazon!

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The Master Bathroom Vanity…

This was by far one of the best transformations in our new home! I am so proud of it!

Below is the original vanity that was chocolate brown with flower shaped sinks. It was a sight! When we came for the inspection on the house we realized also that the vanity was 30 inches high. My husband is 6’8″ so a vanity being that low forced him to get on his knees to wash his face! So yes the vanity had to be replaced.

Here are the key things that went into replacing our master bathroom vanity:

  1. When we worked with our contractor he raised the new vanity to 36 inches high. This way my husband would NOT need to get on his knees to wash his face or brush his teeth lol.
  2. To save money we did not install a backsplash. We decided to cover the back wall in a beautiful light blue tinted marble contact paper. It saved a lot of money vs installing backsplash.
  3. Next we ordered the black matte faucets from Amazon. They were literally $65 each vs going to Home Depot where they would have been over $120 each!
  4. Then I wanted black accessories to match my black on black theme. I bought all of the pieces from Target, Home Goods and Amazon. I recently found all of the pieces on Amazon, check it out below.
  5. Also, the mirrors came from Lowes. They were a bit heavy to hang at first, but if you have hooks that can hold 20 lbs then you are set.
  6. Last we made sure we had clear organizer bins in the drawers in order for us to stay organized. It has worked beautifully. See Amazon options below that I really like to use.

Again we are so excited for the change in our master vanity and look forward to doing more with our new home! Do you have bathroom goals or aspirations when it comes to remodeling?

Check out my links below…


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The Powder room…Reno update

What a process! The Hot Mess Powder Room that died and has gone off to bathroom vanity heaven! As we moved into our first home we were excited to update the bathroom/powder room vanity. It was a necessary fix and it has transformed the house once again.

So let’s begin with this Powder Room. This was by far the biggest change. The original space had very old 1970s carpet like wall paper that was on the walls and ceiling. It really made your head spin a bit. Check out the original photo from when we first visited the house. Here were the top 3 reasons this powder had to be re-done:

  1. Wallpaper on wall and ceiling was a major eye sore.
  2. The cabinets were 30 inches heigh – This was not going to work seeing that I am 5’7″ and my husband is 6’8.” He was basically on his knees trying to wash his hands.
  3. No overhead lighting – the previous owner used lamps and tied them to the wall. The cords were neatly attached to the wall, but after our cousin came who is an electrician, told us that that is a fire hazard. So yep…we had to get rid of that.
  4. Countertop – The counter top famously sagged in the middle and we were not fans of chocolate brown color tops either.

Needless to say this set up had to go! So we decided to gut it and start over. The toilet and flooring were the only elements that stayed. My husband and I decided to raise the vanity to 36 inches, plus we wanted a calming color story in our powder room.

We went with a glossy gray finish on the cabinets, and to make the space modern/bold I went with black matte exposed sinks and faucets. I love utilizing simple colors with bold finishes or pieces, I guess you can say I am a hard/soft person when it comes to decor. Here is a before and after picture below:

What a change right? I am a amazon queen so most of these items came from Amazon & Target. Here are some links to items I bought to create this powder room vibe:

  1. Gold Mirror – I love a beautiful brass gold round mirror. It was a nice compliment to the very square like sink, it was a good balance of structure and curve appeal. Bought it from Amazon!

2. Foam Molding – Yes its foam! It was a perfect way to elevate the open white walls in this space. I am looking forward to decorating the corner of my powder room soon!

3. Feature Wall – I wanted to have a accent wall of some kind vs just painting it. Painting takes a bit more time, and we decided to just do contact paper. I found a very nice white brick paper that would go with anything when I finally decorate the rest of the room in the future. I suggest ordering 3 to 4 rolls, but it depends on the size of the wall.

4. Faucets – My contractor got the sinks for me but I ordered the matte black faucets. I just love the entire look and it has elevated this space so much.

These are some of the key pieces I bought to bring this powder room together. I also love the bath accessories which I received from my wedding 2 years ago and the candle on the counter is from Target! But here are so good substitutes for the bathroom accessories and candles from Amazon.

In the end we were so happy with the results and we plan on changing out the flooring in the future and decorate this sweet corner as well. This is by far one of my favorite renovation projects. More to come! Any renovation projects you have enjoyed experiencing or seeing? Share below…

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The entrance to our home

How it all began…

*This blog has affiliate links

The last 7 weeks moving into our new home has been an experience. We have done already some massive things to the home but on of my most treasured memories will be re-doing the entrance. The previous owner had massive amounts of couch grass that led up to the front door as well as planted cactus plant and poinsettas. I was not a huge fan of it because it attracted lizards to the 100th degree and they were constantly hanging out right by the door. It was challenging so we decided to remove it and oh gosh was it bare. See the before and after.

So the next step was plant something that is low maintenance and pretty to go with the brown and cream color of the house. I work retail and am a Beauty Director for 12+ doors so my time is limited and I need something that does not take a lot of time to keep up with. We decided to go with Green Island Ficus which is a beautiful simple plant with deep color and glossy leaves and Various Bromeliad plants, which are priced pretty well and on budget.

Then last but not least the rocks…this just set the tone. It’s called Alabama White Rock and I love it. I don’t have a link to the exact type of rock, but here is a substitute that should work out pretty well…Click Here The white rock was the most expensive thing to purchase but it was so worth it in the end. It made the chattahoochie entrance look actually better! We were going to remove the chattahoochie but to save some money now, we decided to re-seal it soon and paint it a darker color to match the house.

Finally, the next big transformation was around our mailbox. I totally hated the massive forest we had around it and anything could have been living in there, seriously. We moved all the vegetation there and it was not easy to do since so much of it had deep roots in there for many years. But we managed to pull out the stumps and really start over. See the before & after below.

Day and Night, right? What a difference! The house looks bigger to me with just that change. We used Bags of Cypress Mulch which also won’t attract as many bugs and possible termites. Termites are attracted to mulch and it’s best never to put mulch right up against the home. We planted Wart Fern around the mailbox, it will grow but not at a massive rate like the previous plants that were there. We were so happy with the finished product and I want to thank A Touch of Grass for installing such a simple but amazing entrance to our front yard! Contact them on Home Advisor for the Miami, FL area. Click Here…

Thank you and check back for more home renovations soon!


Jessi Morgan