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Mother’s Day Early Gift Ideas

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I still cannot believe that we are somewhat close to Mother’s Day already! I plan to get my gifts finished by end of April! Do you have any ideas yet?

Well have no fear…I’m here to give you some inspiration. Here are the top 3 types of gifts to give a mom:

  1. Pamper Mom on a Budget – Gift baskets full of spa products is always welcomed for a mom! My mom loves candles, masks and anything that pampers the skin at all times. Create a cool gift basket with some of these amazing Target deals below!

2. Make mom smell good – You can never go wrong with a new fragrance. Fragrance just takes a person to a fantasy based on scent. Find out what her favorite scent is and then research similar ones! That’s what I do in order to get my mom a new fragrance that she would like. Check out below some of my new favorites:

3. Appliances/Gadgets – My mom loves appliances and new things for the kitchen. If you know a mom who loves to cook, look for a awesome appliance to compliment her in the kitchen. Shop my favorites below:

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Happy Shopping!


Jessi Morgan

Macy’s VIP Sale Now!

Macy’s VIP Sale is here through 4/5! Shop my favorites! This is time that most things are 30% off! I am so pumped about this sale. Click the picture below to shop my Macy’s Storefront!

Click picture above for best beach wear from VIP
Shop by clicking the picture above!

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Macy’s VIP Sale 30% off

It’s spring and it is time for Macy’s VIP sale where many top brands go on sale for 30% off and beauty is discounted at 15% off! I love this sale so much and wanted to share my top picks! Hurry the sale ends 4/5!

Beach Bound Favs

I am usually not a huge fan of the beach but with the pandemic it is looking very appealing. I am a huge fan of one-piece swimsuits and you can never go wrong with a Tory Burch sandal. Shop my favorite looks!

Spring Dresses

You can wear them everyday or for occasions like Easter! I have fallen in love with dresses, I want wear them constantly now. Now that it is spring, shop my favorite dresses!

My Spring Loungewear Picks

It’s spring! Who wants to be comfy? Everything seems positive and it is so funny how everyone is excited for spring season and all items that come with it. Check out my favorite lounge picks!

I love bright and fun loungewear! It just makes you feel good right? Shop the look below and follow me on app!

Tips on decorating the top of your fridge & pantry

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Have you seen the new Levi’s x Target collaboration! The Home collection is out of this world! I bought 5 pieces and I am in love! Remember it is a limited collection so get it while it’s available! I used the collection as well as some other amazing pieces to fix up the top of my fridge! So happy to share!

Recently I used the new collection as well as some other pieces to decorate our kitchen table as well as the top of our fridge area. I felt like we were missing some excitement and the new collection answered the call!

Top of Fridge

As you can see the top of my fridge was so boring and I wanted my boho/industrial vibe to come alive a bit more in extended kitchen area.

You can never go wrong with pampa grass and decor dishes to create any vibe you desire. Here are some fo the key tips when decorating a space like this as well as a kitchen table:

  1. Height! – Always always think of Height so your eyes go up. A fridge is never known for beautiful design so to give it a face lift, add height in whatever decor pieces you choose.
  2. Color Story – I stuck to a color story of mostly blues, whites and nudes to tie everything in and to make it look intentional. It is smart to have some kind of a color story.
  3. Print Solid Print rule – To have balance on both sides of fridge/pantry area I made sure the prints were broken up with some solid pieces. When you have too many prints, your guests will not know exactly where to look in my opinion.
  4. Translucent – I placed a glass carafe within the decor set up to give a little bit more of cleaner look and to shake up having just all ceramic pieces. I love the look of a glass pieces mixed in with vases and pitchers.

Final results below!

Hope you were inspired! Shop my favorites & duplicates looks below!


Jessi Morgan

Fav Macy’s Home Sale

Are you ready for party 2? I am beyond excited to keep sharing some of my favorite home items that are for amazing prices right now during the big Macy’s Home sale! Check out more of my favorites!

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Click labels below!!!

  • Charter Club Mix & Match Towels – These are so great to mix and match in your home. So easy to have a cohesive story with these towels! I also love the quality of them, they are not too expensive but not cheap either.
  • Electric Air Fryer – Simple and healthy way to cook these days. My husband is the cook in our household and he uses our air fryer as much as he can always. It’s a good investment to purchase one these days.
  • Aluminum non-stick cookware set – Its an 11 piece set so you will have everything you need. This is a great gift for someone who just moved in a new place to live!
  • Hotel Collection Tesselate bedding – Metallic bedding is still on trend in 2021 so go for it! You can never go wrong with Hotel Collection with the amazing quality and detail design.
  • 550 Solid Sheets Charter Club – I love the vivid colors of these sheets and there are so many options. You cannot go wrong with these sheets…right now we have the black on our bed. So soft!
  • Air fryer toaster oven – You can’t go wrong with a air fryer that is also a toaster oven. It is worth the price and it is such great value. From my old Macys days this was one of the most popular items customers would ask for.
  • Ralph Lauren Bedding – LOVE IT! If you want that coastal feel always look for RL bedding. It is the best!

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Jessi Morgan

Macy’s Home Sale Favs

Are you ready? One of my favorite sales ever is the Macy’s Home Sale! It is one of the best! Macy’s was where I registered for my wedding and till this day the quality in sheets to appliances are beyond amazing! Shop my favorite items!

Click the titles below!

Charter Club Damask Sheets – This is the best substitute if you cannot afford Macy’s HOTEL Collection. Charter Club sheets are soft and get better over time. Right I have those on my bed and I am sleeping so well.

Dr Oz Down Comforter – It’s nice that Dr. Oz has gotten into the game. It’s amazing plush comfort will have you sleeping so well. Have this in my guestroom

Ceramic Coated Cutlery – It’ a 10 piece set that my husband adores. I also love the colors and how trendy it looks in a kitchen. Great set!

Some of the best sheets every! Charter Club!

Canyon Bed Frame – I love this bed frame. We have this in our master bedroom and its just perfect with our evolving boho-style.

Hotel Collection European White Good Pillows – The softest and firmest pillows every! Can that happen? We love these pillows, I am planning on buying more…so worth it!

Charter Club Down Comforter – Once again another substitute for a Hotel Collection comforter. It’s extremely soothing and warm! Love it!

Hotel Collection Turkish Towels – Such amazing soft towels that do such a great job of soaking up water etc. I have about 3 sets now.

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MACY’s is the fragrance destination and whenever you buy something you always get a gift with your purchase!

Buy online and pick up in store is available! Ulta Beauty is another option as well with curbside pick up!

*This article does include affiliates links & personal experiences/opinions below

Working in beauty for years I know the good stuff…Here are the top 5 fragrances for women’s:

  1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – The #1 fragrance for years and it is still a classic. The scent is on the strong side so be prepared for that and if you want to have an ever lasting smell in the room, then buy this. Also during holidays it is the only time you can receive a set in Chanel.

2. Chanel Chance – This is a top 5 fragrance all the time, and it soars during Valentine’s Day time frame. However it is a lighter scent than Chanel Coco Mad, but just as nice. I prefer Chanel Chance & Chanel #5 anyways, that is just my preference.

3. Lancome La Vie Est LaBelle – This one at times surprises people but this Lancome fragrance is always a top 3 seller. It’s an amazing scent that has notes of pear, blackberry, orange blossom and more. It comes with value size shower gel or lotion options during the holidays. A great gift for mom or any woman anytime.

4. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum – Unless you are living under a rock…Good Girl fragrance by Carolina Herrara is one of the hottest fragrances right now! The shoe that the perfume comes in is an instant classic, and it took years to perfect the bottle before they premiered the scent. The note that stands out the most is jasmine, I love it! There are also great options of gift sets with gels and lotions. There is even a hairspray now available. If you want a fragrance with amazing appearance go with Good Girl as a gift.

5. Dior Jadore Eau de Parfum – You can never go wrong with Jadore. It is a classic and it made a great rebound this year with its newness addition, Infinissime. I AM IN LOVE AND IT LASTS! TRY THIS ONE, SERIOUSLY. But if not, the original Jadore is really nice regardless. I would also check out Miss Dior…love that one as well from Dior.

Fragrances is still booming in 2020 and it will not slow down. Check out Macy’s or Ulta Beauty for everything fragrances and enjoy curbside pick up for your last minute gifts both retailers! It is the way to go!

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