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Tips on decorating the top of your fridge & pantry

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Have you seen the new Levi’s x Target collaboration! The Home collection is out of this world! I bought 5 pieces and I am in love! Remember it is a limited collection so get it while it’s available! I used the collection as well as some other amazing pieces to fix up the top of my fridge! So happy to share!

Recently I used the new collection as well as some other pieces to decorate our kitchen table as well as the top of our fridge area. I felt like we were missing some excitement and the new collection answered the call!

Top of Fridge

As you can see the top of my fridge was so boring and I wanted my boho/industrial vibe to come alive a bit more in extended kitchen area.

You can never go wrong with pampa grass and decor dishes to create any vibe you desire. Here are some fo the key tips when decorating a space like this as well as a kitchen table:

  1. Height! – Always always think of Height so your eyes go up. A fridge is never known for beautiful design so to give it a face lift, add height in whatever decor pieces you choose.
  2. Color Story – I stuck to a color story of mostly blues, whites and nudes to tie everything in and to make it look intentional. It is smart to have some kind of a color story.
  3. Print Solid Print rule – To have balance on both sides of fridge/pantry area I made sure the prints were broken up with some solid pieces. When you have too many prints, your guests will not know exactly where to look in my opinion.
  4. Translucent – I placed a glass carafe within the decor set up to give a little bit more of cleaner look and to shake up having just all ceramic pieces. I love the look of a glass pieces mixed in with vases and pitchers.

Final results below!

Hope you were inspired! Shop my favorites & duplicates looks below!


Jessi Morgan

The Evolution of our Powder Room

The famous saying that you have to crawl before you walk…well that is extremely accurate with own boho powder room. For those you are not familiar, my husband and I moved into our first home in September 2020 and it was a true fixer upper.

The challenging Space before

First, the previous owner was a nice mother & daughter who lived there for 25+ years. They decorated here and there, but you can tell the two had not updated the decor in years. So when we bought the home we had to have a vision and one of the first challenges was the powder room.

Also, I have an earlier post about the first phase of this powder room, check it out if you like!

Next, for phase 2 of powder room Reno, I was in need of filling the second wall in the space to reflect the rest of my home. I have been decorating my home to fit a boho semi-modern, semi-mid century/industrial feel and I want people to see that in every area of our home.

Here is what we did to elevate this powder room more:

  1. Add Shelving – This was not my first choice, but I came up with the idea after two floating shelves wouldn’t fit in my kitchen. So the result was to put them them in the powder room, and I love it. Since we had white walls adding dark wood floating shelves creates contrast just enough to have an amazing statement. Check out my favorite shelves below…

2. Concrete/cement pieces – in order to have a rustic/industrial feel that I do love to incorporate into my home, I wanted it to reflect in my powder room a bit more. I found some really neat pieces that were inexpensive from amazon for my decorating. See below…

3. Marble bowls & coasters for more contrast – I like mixing materials in a space to give it that boho feel a bit. Check out the bowls I purchased as well as my other favs:

4. Faux Plants & Wooden frames – To top it off and give some height to the shelves I bought some faux plants & wooden frames from Target. I wanted some earth tones and greenery in the space to finish the look. Check out some amazing duplicates from Amazon below:

Happy shopping! Visit my page to shop more of my looks. Click picture below:


Jessi Morgan

Fav Macy’s Home Sale

Are you ready for party 2? I am beyond excited to keep sharing some of my favorite home items that are for amazing prices right now during the big Macy’s Home sale! Check out more of my favorites!

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Click labels below!!!

  • Charter Club Mix & Match Towels – These are so great to mix and match in your home. So easy to have a cohesive story with these towels! I also love the quality of them, they are not too expensive but not cheap either.
  • Electric Air Fryer – Simple and healthy way to cook these days. My husband is the cook in our household and he uses our air fryer as much as he can always. It’s a good investment to purchase one these days.
  • Aluminum non-stick cookware set – Its an 11 piece set so you will have everything you need. This is a great gift for someone who just moved in a new place to live!
  • Hotel Collection Tesselate bedding – Metallic bedding is still on trend in 2021 so go for it! You can never go wrong with Hotel Collection with the amazing quality and detail design.
  • 550 Solid Sheets Charter Club – I love the vivid colors of these sheets and there are so many options. You cannot go wrong with these sheets…right now we have the black on our bed. So soft!
  • Air fryer toaster oven – You can’t go wrong with a air fryer that is also a toaster oven. It is worth the price and it is such great value. From my old Macys days this was one of the most popular items customers would ask for.
  • Ralph Lauren Bedding – LOVE IT! If you want that coastal feel always look for RL bedding. It is the best!

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Jessi Morgan

Macy’s Home Sale Favs

Are you ready? One of my favorite sales ever is the Macy’s Home Sale! It is one of the best! Macy’s was where I registered for my wedding and till this day the quality in sheets to appliances are beyond amazing! Shop my favorite items!

Click the titles below!

Charter Club Damask Sheets – This is the best substitute if you cannot afford Macy’s HOTEL Collection. Charter Club sheets are soft and get better over time. Right I have those on my bed and I am sleeping so well.

Dr Oz Down Comforter – It’s nice that Dr. Oz has gotten into the game. It’s amazing plush comfort will have you sleeping so well. Have this in my guestroom

Ceramic Coated Cutlery – It’ a 10 piece set that my husband adores. I also love the colors and how trendy it looks in a kitchen. Great set!

Some of the best sheets every! Charter Club!

Canyon Bed Frame – I love this bed frame. We have this in our master bedroom and its just perfect with our evolving boho-style.

Hotel Collection European White Good Pillows – The softest and firmest pillows every! Can that happen? We love these pillows, I am planning on buying more…so worth it!

Charter Club Down Comforter – Once again another substitute for a Hotel Collection comforter. It’s extremely soothing and warm! Love it!

Hotel Collection Turkish Towels – Such amazing soft towels that do such a great job of soaking up water etc. I have about 3 sets now.

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– Jessi Morgan

Jessi’s I Love places…Dream backyard

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First, welcome to another entry of “Jessi’s I Love Places.” There is nothing like having a backyard that takes you away from the reality of life sometimes. One of my favorite places is our friend Vivian’s backyard that she renovated in the last 2 years. She literally transformed it into an Oasis.

That sweet little pup in the picture is Nala, the Labradoodle!

Next, the backyard has a massive overhang that covers you completely from the sun and rain. The space includes an amazing patio seating area, outside grill, sink, and a massive dining table with chairs.

Also, during renovation they installed a beautiful quaint pool next to the overhang area. The pool was designed in a rectangular shape with a beautiful surrounding marble tile floor. It just complements the modern/traditional feel that Vivian was going for. After visiting this space I realized how important it is to have a backyard.

Here are the key lessons about having a dream backyard:

  • Patio Furniture – I love how the furniture is position in their backyard. They make it a point to have chairs facing each other for great conversation and comfort. I love the decorative pillows that are full of color to give the space some pop. This entire space just sets the tone for the backyard. Key tip here…spend some money and get a durable set of patio furniture.
  • Privacy – I am in love with the. amount of privacy they have. After the construction was done they planted tall trees to block anyone from looking in. In my next home I want to focus on privacy and hope that I can mimic what I saw at Vivian’s home. The older I become the more privacy I want with my family in my home.
  • Yard – If you can afford it, having some type of yard with green grass to me is so important. The ideal backyard is Vivan’s to me. The overhang stops and they have massive amount of grass for their dog to run around in. It’s always good to have views of plants and vegetation in a home because it is relaxing and it allows you to bask in Mother Nature for at least a few moments daily.
  • Pool – You don’t need to have a massive pool to enjoy. Their pool is of a smaller size but gives such a sophisticated feel to the backyard. What I learned here is going big is not the answer all the time.

Finally, to wrapped it up…I hoped you enjoyed this entry on Vivan’s backyard and hopefully it inspires you to think more of your backyard space. I have listed below some of my favorite key items that are duplicates of the space showcased today. Enjoy shopping!!


Jessi Morgan

Home Decor Update…Instagram inspired Shelves

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First, let me just say it is so fun decorating our new home and having to come up with great concepts for every room. I have grown to appreciate interior design and decorating to the 1000 degree! My previous project was dealing with an empty wall in our dining room.

I needed to add something to a bare wall I had in my dining room and I saw something on instagram that I had to replicate! These shelves just brought the entire room together and I am beyond excited to share!

Now, even a simple set up like this really took time and vision from the weight that the shelves can hold to the type of pieces to place on the shelves. Here are the key tips & tricks:

  • Measurements – You need to measure your wall and see what size shelf want to install. For my home I went with a 12 inch x 48 inches long set of 4 shelves that was a lighter wood color. (Shelves were purchased at Home Depot in the Decorative Shelves area).
  • Brackets – I preferred to have the brackets displayed but to make them appear hidden a bit I purchased white ones to match my white wall. I am very happy I did. (Purchased at Home Depot)
  • Decor Pieces – I literally utilized many of my HomeGoods gift cards for all the decor pieces, I also utilized some of the items I already had in my home to finish the look. I am sharing duplicate options at the bottom of this entry from Amazon as well as my page!
  • Color Story – To keep the shelves cohesive I went with a white, gold & green theme when I purchased everything. By sticking to a color story I am held more accountable to staying consistent throughout my home decor discussions.
  • Lines – It is smart to have your pieces on the shelves line up under each other in a straight line, so it looks clean regardless. See below. It keeps your shelves clean and every piece will be visible.

Finally I am so pumped to share this project! Below I linked great duplicates on some of these decor pieces. Unfortunately I purchased most of mine from HomeGoods so I do not have a link. But below are great duplicates from my page as well as from Amazon. Click Pictures below! Enjoy shopping!


Jessi Morgan

The Oriental Powder Room to the Coastal Kitchen Table… Jessi’s I Love Places

I wanted to share this Jessi’s I Love Places I bit different with this entry! I wanted to share 2 different spaces within one blog post this time from the same place.

Some time ago I shared a home with a stunning living room, and a beautiful entry way with the most unbelievable wallpaper. Remember? If not check out that entry here.

Anyways, I wanted to feature and share tips on this amazing kitchen table space as well as how to set the tone for your powder room. Since moving into our home I have grown fond of a having a nice kitchen table set up. I am still thinking of what I want in my own space, but seeing my friend Lynette’s kitchen table set up below just gives me ton of inspiration.

Check out this space as well as this bold powder room below…

Kitchen Table

What I love most about Lynette’s home is the contrast she has between rooms. If you recall in another blog post from some time ago she has an amazing dining room with a massive glass table that is to die for. Click here. Now onto her kitchen table…the complete opposite!

The family wants a cozy & intimate feel when they sit for a dinner. They were going for a coastal feel at the kitchen table. Their table and chairs came from Serena & Lily. What completes this space is the basket lamp fixture hanging over it (from Urban Loft).

Tips/Lesson learned:

  • Bring the outside inside your home when you can – If you love coastal living bring the feel into your home sometimes from chairs to a dining room set to bright blue/yellow color story. This is a trend that continues to evolve and it gives you that vacation vibe at home. People continue to buy outside furniture for indoor spaces.
  • Matching materials still work – By tying the straw-like feel in this space with the hanging lamp and the chairs, it gave the room cohesiveness that is not overwhelming at all. Monochromatic is still in and is not going anywhere in fashion and in home decor.
  • Rugs complete a room – Especially in a family room or kitchen the rug completes the look at all times. Lynette purchased a simple straw round rug to go with her dining room set.

Shop all the items as well as duplicates on the rug and table on my APP! Click here

The Powder Room

Powder rooms in my opinion define the entire style of the home today. Walking into this stunning powder room of Lynette’s will blow anyone away. The wallpaper is a bright reddish tone with an illustrated tiger and tree printed on it. She was going for an oriental feel and that was accomplished. The simple marble sink with golden handles make the space feel like a jewel box. That was the reference that Lynette felt strongly about when designing this area.

Tips/Lessons learned

  • Wallpaper can set the tone in a Powder Room – If you want an oriental feel to a bohemian style in your powder room you can definitely do that with the right wallpaper. Use wallpaper to match your theme.
  • Neutral fixtures are wallpapers best friend – If you decide to have a bold wallpaper or print ensure your sink, handles, door knobs, soap dish etc are neutral colors to compliment the walls. It will not feel busy even if the space is small in size.

No links available but shop the duplicates in my page! Click here!

Any home decor goals you have going into 2021? Share below!

Happy New Year!


Jessi Morgan

Jessi’s I Love Places…The Wine Cellar

Let’s make Pour Decisions!

Read this caption on the most charming holiday nutcracker displayed in this amazing wine cellar! Now that I have my own home, I am paying attention a bit more to wines. My husband and I aspire to have a wine cellar one day in our home, and the one I am featuring today will blow you away.

Welcome to another “Jessi’s I Love Places” where I am excited to feature this amazing wine cellar in a landmark home that was built in South Florida in the 1920s. Due to the age of the home it needs to be historically preserved, so any installs or changes to this property has to be approved by the city beforehand.

First, this stunning Spanish landmark home still has that charm that the owners wanted to keep when they installed this cellar about 3 years ago. In their previous home they had a wine cellar and needed one in their current home to hold all the various wines they owned/collected over the years.

Next, the family brought in an interior designer to construct a new one in their current formal dining room. I have been in this home many time before the current owners and the space they took to build this cellar was genius. The cellar looks like it’s been there for decades. See below…

Before & After

There was a stunning mirror the owners kept and placed inside the space to keep the classic Spanish home feel. It honestly pulled the entire look together beautifully. The amount of wine they have is unbelievable!

Here is the list of key tips in function & decor you need to know if you are craving to have an official wine cellar in your home:

  1. Labels – The owner has labels on specific wines in order to document when the wine was opened, the year it was made etc. Absolutely necessary to keep everything in order in your cellar if you are going to be serious about wine collecting.
  2. Temperature – Manage the temperature of your wines appropriately. In this home they have a google nest dedicated to the space to ensure their wine stays at the right temperature. I also find the nest extremely clean and it goes with any decor.
  3. Glass Display – If you are going to have a massive wine cellar, show it off! Glass doors could be such a nice touch to your decor and it will match the theme of your home easily. I love the black long handles they added to the doors to give it a great modern look that still complimented the old Spanish feel of this home.
  4. Build for the future – ensure you have additional space when you build a wine cellar. If you want to collect, have enough room to grow.

This is by far one of my favorite places I have visited. Is there a wine cellar or space that just blows your mind? Share in the comments below…

Check out some of my favorite finds for a wine cellar or dry bar below!


Jessi Morgan

Jessi’s i love places…The gazebo & Landmark

Welcome to another entry of Jessi’s I Love Places, featuring a Landmark home in a suburb of Miami that is requested to be historically preserved. This home is over 150 years old and what is unique about this space is not just the home itself, but the gazebo and backyard that was built in the last 27 years.

*This blog entry does contain affiliate links

First, what makes this home special to me was that I grew up across the street from this home and saw all the transformations occur with the backyard.

Also, when I was a little girl there has been 5 different owners, and every single one updated it little by little. Exactly 26 years ago this backyard was just grass, with NO POOL & NO GAZEBO. Can you imagine that?

Next, here’s some great facts and timeline about the evolution of this great backyard & installed gazebo:

  1. In the early 2000s a young couple who flipped houses moved in and added a necessary pool for this space.
  2. In mid 2000s the next set of owners were from South Africa and loved the outdoors. They decided to design and build the gazebo.
  3. Since the house was a historical landmark the owners had to design the gazebo to look and feel like the rest of the home. It had to keep the same aesthetic as everything else.
  4. The gazebo overlooks the pool and you effortlessly can jump right into the pool from there! It’s absolutely stunning and extremely relaxing.

What ties this gazebo together is the amazing furniture pieces.

Here are the last 4 fun facts about this space:

  1. If you ever visited a Tulum, Mexican resort; this gazebo has that feel. The extreme arches give the space the hotel resort design and the grand entrance feel.
  2. One of the most complex sections of the gazebo is the amazing wooden panels built in the ceiling where the fan is located. It is breathtaking!
  3. The pool was changed to salt water about 4 years ago! Honestly it brings out the amazing blue/teal color in the water. The water looks unrealistic in the most beautiful manner.
  4. The other side of the home has turf grass. The previous owner installed complete turf grass for easier maintenance and to save money on getting the grass cut weekly.

Last, the current family living here are amazing people who respect and love the home for its reach history and aesthetic. Their taste in outdoor furniture was spot on to what this place needed to uphold the tradition of this timeless landmark.

Do you have a space in your home that you traditionally cherish?

Below I have included some amazon pieces that would be great substitute items to capture this gazebo feel. Just click on the picture below for all the details! See below…happy shopping!


Jessi Morgan

The Powder room…Reno update

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What a process! The Hot Mess Powder Room that died and has gone off to bathroom vanity heaven! As we moved into our first home we were excited to update the bathroom/powder room vanity. It was a necessary fix and it has transformed the house once again.

So let’s begin with this Powder Room. This was by far the biggest change. The original space had very old 1970s carpet like wall paper that was on the walls and ceiling. It really made your head spin a bit. Check out the original photo from when we first visited the house. Here were the top 3 reasons this powder had to be re-done:

  1. Wallpaper on wall and ceiling was a major eye sore.
  2. The cabinets were 30 inches heigh – This was not going to work seeing that I am 5’7″ and my husband is 6’8.” He was basically on his knees trying to wash his hands.
  3. No overhead lighting – the previous owner used lamps and tied them to the wall. The cords were neatly attached to the wall, but after our cousin came who is an electrician, told us that that is a fire hazard. So yep…we had to get rid of that.
  4. Countertop – The counter top famously sagged in the middle and we were not fans of chocolate brown color tops either.

Needless to say this set up had to go! So we decided to gut it and start over. The toilet and flooring were the only elements that stayed. My husband and I decided to raise the vanity to 36 inches, plus we wanted a calming color story in our powder room.

We went with a glossy gray finish on the cabinets, and to make the space modern/bold I went with black matte exposed sinks and faucets. I love utilizing simple colors with bold finishes or pieces, I guess you can say I am a hard/soft person when it comes to decor. Here is a before and after picture below:

What a change right? I am a amazon queen so most of these items came from Amazon & Target. Here are some links to items I bought to create this powder room vibe:

  1. Gold Mirror – I love a beautiful brass gold round mirror. It was a nice compliment to the very square like sink, it was a good balance of structure and curve appeal. Bought it from Amazon!

2. Foam Molding – Yes its foam! It was a perfect way to elevate the open white walls in this space. I am looking forward to decorating the corner of my powder room soon!

3. Feature Wall – I wanted to have a accent wall of some kind vs just painting it. Painting takes a bit more time, and we decided to just do contact paper. I found a very nice white brick paper that would go with anything when I finally decorate the rest of the room in the future. I suggest ordering 3 to 4 rolls, but it depends on the size of the wall.

4. Faucets – My contractor got the sinks for me but I ordered the matte black faucets. I just love the entire look and it has elevated this space so much.

These are some of the key pieces I bought to bring this powder room together. I also love the bath accessories which I received from my wedding 2 years ago and the candle on the counter is from Target! But here are so good substitutes for the bathroom accessories and candles from Amazon.

In the end we were so happy with the results and we plan on changing out the flooring in the future and decorate this sweet corner as well. This is by far one of my favorite renovation projects. More to come! Any renovation projects you have enjoyed experiencing or seeing? Share below…