Gulf Shores: Part 2 The Kitchen

Welcome to part 2 of decor and inspiration from our family beach vacation! I recently went to Gulf Shores, AL for a family retreat and we stayed in this amazing 4 story beach house that could sleep 30+ people. Read up on my first blog post about this amazing place. Check out some of theContinue reading “Gulf Shores: Part 2 The Kitchen”

Gulf Shores: Home Decor Inspiration

Coastal lifestyle is a gem that can translate to any home when it comes to home decor. I am now obsessed and so inspired to turn our master bedroom into a coastal feel soon. I recently went on an awesome family vacation retreat with my dad’s side of the family. I was not planning toContinue reading “Gulf Shores: Home Decor Inspiration”

The White + Gold Office

The post contains commission links When people go to work or work form home, it at times actually creates tension and pressure. When I worked in retail, every single day required focused and some pressure to get results. I really wanted to leave that environment and when I got the opportunity to work from homeContinue reading “The White + Gold Office”

Jessi’s I Love places…Dream backyard

This blog post contains commission affiliated links First, welcome to another entry of “Jessi’s I Love Places.” There is nothing like having a backyard that takes you away from the reality of life sometimes. One of my favorite places is our friend Vivian’s backyard that she renovated in the last 2 years. She literally transformedContinue reading “Jessi’s I Love places…Dream backyard”

The Oriental Powder Room to the Coastal Kitchen Table… Jessi’s I Love Places

I wanted to share this Jessi’s I Love Places I bit different with this entry! I wanted to share 2 different spaces within one blog post this time from the same place. Some time ago I shared a home with a stunning living room, and a beautiful entry way with the most unbelievable wallpaper. Remember?Continue reading “The Oriental Powder Room to the Coastal Kitchen Table… Jessi’s I Love Places”

Jessi’s I Love Places…The Wine Cellar

Let’s make Pour Decisions! Read this caption on the most charming holiday nutcracker displayed in this amazing wine cellar! Now that I have my own home, I am paying attention a bit more to wines. My husband and I aspire to have a wine cellar one day in our home, and the one I amContinue reading “Jessi’s I Love Places…The Wine Cellar”

Jessi’s I Love Places…The Palm Tree Dining Room

“Ok here is the dining room,” said Lynette as she was walking me into this space. I was completely blown away that a room could be so impactful, striking and subtle at the same time. How in the world could that be? Now, this is one of the most compelling and bold dining rooms IContinue reading “Jessi’s I Love Places…The Palm Tree Dining Room”

The Master Bathroom Vanity…

This was by far one of the best transformations in our new home! I am so proud of it! Below is the original vanity that was chocolate brown with flower shaped sinks. It was a sight! When we came for the inspection on the house we realized also that the vanity was 30 inches high.Continue reading “The Master Bathroom Vanity…”

Jessi’s i love places…The gazebo & Landmark

Welcome to another entry of Jessi’s I Love Places, featuring a Landmark home in a suburb of Miami that is requested to be historically preserved. This home is over 150 years old and what is unique about this space is not just the home itself, but the gazebo and backyard that was built in theContinue reading “Jessi’s i love places…The gazebo & Landmark”


As Lynette drives jumps from call to call negotiating with her key department stores to drive her Coty Fragrance business, she sits in her living room fixing up her amazing coffee book collection as she once again admires her beautiful home that she share with her wonderful husband! Welcome to another Jessi’s I Love PlacesContinue reading “Jessi’s I Love places…LYNETTE’S LIVING ROOM & ENTRANCE”