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Gulf Shores: Part 2 The Kitchen

Welcome to part 2 of decor and inspiration from our family beach vacation! I recently went to Gulf Shores, AL for a family retreat and we stayed in this amazing 4 story beach house that could sleep 30+ people. Read up on my first blog post about this amazing place.

Mommy & Me

Check out some of the other amazing interiors & decor from this place:

The Kitchen

This was by far one of the most grandest kitchens I have ever been in. It also was such a centerpiece of the home and a great gathering place for any major family renting this space. Here are some of key of features of the kitchen:

  1. White & Blue color collaboration – I have always loved a blue & white combo but this one at the beach house was either a white & light blue or a white & teal blue. Regardless it felt like an island paradise within the kitchen.
  2. Textured backsplash – The backsplash in the kitchen was not only beautiful but it was unique due to the uneven texture of the teal blue tiles. Since there was so much white in the kitchen you needed to wake it up with a tile like this.
  3. Multiple kitchen appliances – While my family was there we took turns each day cooking and cleaning up. We literally could have 5 people cooking at once in this kitchen. The benefit of having multiple appliances was amazing for us.
  4. Outrageous kitchen island – I do love kitchen islands because it brings everyone together within the kitchen. This kitchen island could sit 6 chairs with still a lot of room to spare. The bar stool at the island was made of glass with a dip within each chair. The stools were extremely comfortable and so sturdy. I wished I could have found out where the stools were from…they were that stunning.

I am beyond grateful we could cook in a coastal style kitchen like this for our trip. I love good food and good memories! Tell me what memories do you have cooking in your kitchen? Also see more exclusive photos below too:

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Gulf Shores: Home Decor Inspiration

Coastal lifestyle is a gem that can translate to any home when it comes to home decor. I am now obsessed and so inspired to turn our master bedroom into a coastal feel soon.

I recently went on an awesome family vacation retreat with my dad’s side of the family. I was not planning to attend when it was originally booked in 2019 for 2020. In 2019 my husband and I were working in retail and it was during Mother’s Day timeframe. I was a director for Beauty and fragrances during Mother’s Day is huge. I could not schedule a vacation at the time. But in 2021 I have a new job and I work from home so I could at least go!

The home is stunning. It’s a new build that can sleep 30+ people with a elevator and massive eating area, kitchen, pool and much more. It screams coastal living with all the beautiful white and cream color story. As I am sitting here this week I am inspired to bring some things back for our backyard and our master bedroom since those are still up for redoing. 

Sipping coffee in this beautiful living room! The neutral colors made the space calm but open.

Here are few ideas I have for our master bedroom:

  • White/Cream Linen – I am obsessed now with linen comforters and off white/cream colors. This rental home had that through out and as long as you find a comforter or bed sheets that color that are machine washable it is fine to get. I think for so long my mom told me light colors are the worse to get.
  • Blues – To really get that coastal feel you have to have blues/teals in your home decor. I am looking to have decor pillows in blue to off set the off white/cream comforters.
  • Vases – throughout the beach house there were amazing big glass vases with a blue tint on the end tables within some of the bedrooms. It just made the feel of the room scream coastal for me.
  • Less is more – Every room had a simple decor piece, wooden bed frame, simple artwork and shiplap. That was it. So when I am working on our bedroom I will push for less with impactful pieces.

Here are a few more pictures of the home! And also shop some of my favorite

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The White + Gold Office

The post contains commission links

When people go to work or work form home, it at times actually creates tension and pressure. When I worked in retail, every single day required focused and some pressure to get results. I really wanted to leave that environment and when I got the opportunity to work from home with an an amazing up and coming tech company I took it.

Clean and open desk space is the key to not feeling overwhelmed.

First, I was excited to work from home and leave that stress behind. Well…I was wrong and I realized working at the kitchen table was not working. I needed an office space so I can separate my work and home life. So I worked on that…

Now, within my newly installed closet room, I had space for an office space. I decided create a soothing work are for myself.

Here’s what it took to create a safe haven space for me to work:

  • Went with White & Gold color story – Yes white, white to me represents clean, crisp and open. I wanted all of the pieces in the space to be simple and elegant at the same time. I view gold as a elegant color and it is also one of my favorite colors that I use throughout my home. My closet door handles were gold so continuing that into the office space was key.
  • Desk with no drawers – to stay organized I feel you need a desk with no drawers. It will force you to know what you have at all times and to not clutter up your desk. This is mentally great for me because when I walk into my work space it is 9/10 times clean already.
  • Comfy Office Chair – This sounds so easy but its a step many people do not take the time to search for. I have an amazing leather white chair that is comfy and I am able to sit in it for hours. It is from Amazon and I looked at measurements and ratings to ensure this was the perfect fit for me and my back.
  • Gold accessories – I actually cheated here a bit. I used an old set of poppin office collection from The Container Store and spray painted it gold. It matched my white & gold desk beautifully and just made the entire office space come together.

I am now more productive at home with my office space and being able to separate home life and work life under the same roof is so fulfilling for me. Share your office space below in the comments?

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Jessi’s I Love places…Dream backyard

This blog post contains commission affiliated links

First, welcome to another entry of “Jessi’s I Love Places.” There is nothing like having a backyard that takes you away from the reality of life sometimes. One of my favorite places is our friend Vivian’s backyard that she renovated in the last 2 years. She literally transformed it into an Oasis.

That sweet little pup in the picture is Nala, the Labradoodle!

Next, the backyard has a massive overhang that covers you completely from the sun and rain. The space includes an amazing patio seating area, outside grill, sink, and a massive dining table with chairs.

Also, during renovation they installed a beautiful quaint pool next to the overhang area. The pool was designed in a rectangular shape with a beautiful surrounding marble tile floor. It just complements the modern/traditional feel that Vivian was going for. After visiting this space I realized how important it is to have a backyard.

Here are the key lessons about having a dream backyard:

  • Patio Furniture – I love how the furniture is position in their backyard. They make it a point to have chairs facing each other for great conversation and comfort. I love the decorative pillows that are full of color to give the space some pop. This entire space just sets the tone for the backyard. Key tip here…spend some money and get a durable set of patio furniture.
  • Privacy – I am in love with the. amount of privacy they have. After the construction was done they planted tall trees to block anyone from looking in. In my next home I want to focus on privacy and hope that I can mimic what I saw at Vivian’s home. The older I become the more privacy I want with my family in my home.
  • Yard – If you can afford it, having some type of yard with green grass to me is so important. The ideal backyard is Vivan’s to me. The overhang stops and they have massive amount of grass for their dog to run around in. It’s always good to have views of plants and vegetation in a home because it is relaxing and it allows you to bask in Mother Nature for at least a few moments daily.
  • Pool – You don’t need to have a massive pool to enjoy. Their pool is of a smaller size but gives such a sophisticated feel to the backyard. What I learned here is going big is not the answer all the time.

Finally, to wrapped it up…I hoped you enjoyed this entry on Vivan’s backyard and hopefully it inspires you to think more of your backyard space. I have listed below some of my favorite key items that are duplicates of the space showcased today. Enjoy shopping!!


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The Oriental Powder Room to the Coastal Kitchen Table… Jessi’s I Love Places

I wanted to share this Jessi’s I Love Places I bit different with this entry! I wanted to share 2 different spaces within one blog post this time from the same place.

Some time ago I shared a home with a stunning living room, and a beautiful entry way with the most unbelievable wallpaper. Remember? If not check out that entry here.

Anyways, I wanted to feature and share tips on this amazing kitchen table space as well as how to set the tone for your powder room. Since moving into our home I have grown fond of a having a nice kitchen table set up. I am still thinking of what I want in my own space, but seeing my friend Lynette’s kitchen table set up below just gives me ton of inspiration.

Check out this space as well as this bold powder room below…

Kitchen Table

What I love most about Lynette’s home is the contrast she has between rooms. If you recall in another blog post from some time ago she has an amazing dining room with a massive glass table that is to die for. Click here. Now onto her kitchen table…the complete opposite!

The family wants a cozy & intimate feel when they sit for a dinner. They were going for a coastal feel at the kitchen table. Their table and chairs came from Serena & Lily. What completes this space is the basket lamp fixture hanging over it (from Urban Loft).

Tips/Lesson learned:

  • Bring the outside inside your home when you can – If you love coastal living bring the feel into your home sometimes from chairs to a dining room set to bright blue/yellow color story. This is a trend that continues to evolve and it gives you that vacation vibe at home. People continue to buy outside furniture for indoor spaces.
  • Matching materials still work – By tying the straw-like feel in this space with the hanging lamp and the chairs, it gave the room cohesiveness that is not overwhelming at all. Monochromatic is still in and is not going anywhere in fashion and in home decor.
  • Rugs complete a room – Especially in a family room or kitchen the rug completes the look at all times. Lynette purchased a simple straw round rug to go with her dining room set.

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The Powder Room

Powder rooms in my opinion define the entire style of the home today. Walking into this stunning powder room of Lynette’s will blow anyone away. The wallpaper is a bright reddish tone with an illustrated tiger and tree printed on it. She was going for an oriental feel and that was accomplished. The simple marble sink with golden handles make the space feel like a jewel box. That was the reference that Lynette felt strongly about when designing this area.

Tips/Lessons learned

  • Wallpaper can set the tone in a Powder Room – If you want an oriental feel to a bohemian style in your powder room you can definitely do that with the right wallpaper. Use wallpaper to match your theme.
  • Neutral fixtures are wallpapers best friend – If you decide to have a bold wallpaper or print ensure your sink, handles, door knobs, soap dish etc are neutral colors to compliment the walls. It will not feel busy even if the space is small in size.

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Any home decor goals you have going into 2021? Share below!

Happy New Year!


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Jessi’s I Love Places…The Wine Cellar

Let’s make Pour Decisions!

Read this caption on the most charming holiday nutcracker displayed in this amazing wine cellar! Now that I have my own home, I am paying attention a bit more to wines. My husband and I aspire to have a wine cellar one day in our home, and the one I am featuring today will blow you away.

Welcome to another “Jessi’s I Love Places” where I am excited to feature this amazing wine cellar in a landmark home that was built in South Florida in the 1920s. Due to the age of the home it needs to be historically preserved, so any installs or changes to this property has to be approved by the city beforehand.

First, this stunning Spanish landmark home still has that charm that the owners wanted to keep when they installed this cellar about 3 years ago. In their previous home they had a wine cellar and needed one in their current home to hold all the various wines they owned/collected over the years.

Next, the family brought in an interior designer to construct a new one in their current formal dining room. I have been in this home many time before the current owners and the space they took to build this cellar was genius. The cellar looks like it’s been there for decades. See below…

Before & After

There was a stunning mirror the owners kept and placed inside the space to keep the classic Spanish home feel. It honestly pulled the entire look together beautifully. The amount of wine they have is unbelievable!

Here is the list of key tips in function & decor you need to know if you are craving to have an official wine cellar in your home:

  1. Labels – The owner has labels on specific wines in order to document when the wine was opened, the year it was made etc. Absolutely necessary to keep everything in order in your cellar if you are going to be serious about wine collecting.
  2. Temperature – Manage the temperature of your wines appropriately. In this home they have a google nest dedicated to the space to ensure their wine stays at the right temperature. I also find the nest extremely clean and it goes with any decor.
  3. Glass Display – If you are going to have a massive wine cellar, show it off! Glass doors could be such a nice touch to your decor and it will match the theme of your home easily. I love the black long handles they added to the doors to give it a great modern look that still complimented the old Spanish feel of this home.
  4. Build for the future – ensure you have additional space when you build a wine cellar. If you want to collect, have enough room to grow.

This is by far one of my favorite places I have visited. Is there a wine cellar or space that just blows your mind? Share in the comments below…

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Jessi’s I Love Places…The Palm Tree Dining Room

“Ok here is the dining room,” said Lynette as she was walking me into this space. I was completely blown away that a room could be so impactful, striking and subtle at the same time. How in the world could that be?

Now, this is one of the most compelling and bold dining rooms I have ever visited. From the wallpaper to the glass table to the chandelier this room just speaks “breaking boundaries.” My friend Lynette and her interior designer really out did themselves this time.

Here are the key facts about this particular space:

  1. The Dining room table & chairs – They were originally made for outdoor seating and Lynette brought them in for the dining room. She had covers made for the chairs and made this dining set a indoor piece. How amazing is this?
  2. The table – The table was originally made for the outside but the owner decided to have a indoor glass top created for it so it can be treated like a typical indoor dining room table. I also found out it is not that expensive to have glass custom made.
  3. Wallpaper – for those who live in South Florida, Lynette got her wallpaper from OGee Paint. They have over 5,000 prints of wallpaper. WOW!
  4. Restoration Hardware – All furniture came from Restoration Hardware!

Last, the most important point that I took away from this space was how confident Lynette was in her home and her choices. I just admire that with her because many people care too much about other’s opinion and at times don’t go for it due to worrying about what others think or feel. When it comes to your home design it is a way to express yourself and hopefully be your authentic self within your 4 walls.

So what bold home statement are you dying to do or try? Share below!

The Master Bathroom Vanity…

This was by far one of the best transformations in our new home! I am so proud of it!

Below is the original vanity that was chocolate brown with flower shaped sinks. It was a sight! When we came for the inspection on the house we realized also that the vanity was 30 inches high. My husband is 6’8″ so a vanity being that low forced him to get on his knees to wash his face! So yes the vanity had to be replaced.

Here are the key things that went into replacing our master bathroom vanity:

  1. When we worked with our contractor he raised the new vanity to 36 inches high. This way my husband would NOT need to get on his knees to wash his face or brush his teeth lol.
  2. To save money we did not install a backsplash. We decided to cover the back wall in a beautiful light blue tinted marble contact paper. It saved a lot of money vs installing backsplash.
  3. Next we ordered the black matte faucets from Amazon. They were literally $65 each vs going to Home Depot where they would have been over $120 each!
  4. Then I wanted black accessories to match my black on black theme. I bought all of the pieces from Target, Home Goods and Amazon. I recently found all of the pieces on Amazon, check it out below.
  5. Also, the mirrors came from Lowes. They were a bit heavy to hang at first, but if you have hooks that can hold 20 lbs then you are set.
  6. Last we made sure we had clear organizer bins in the drawers in order for us to stay organized. It has worked beautifully. See Amazon options below that I really like to use.

Again we are so excited for the change in our master vanity and look forward to doing more with our new home! Do you have bathroom goals or aspirations when it comes to remodeling?

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Jessi’s i love places…The gazebo & Landmark

Welcome to another entry of Jessi’s I Love Places, featuring a Landmark home in a suburb of Miami that is requested to be historically preserved. This home is over 150 years old and what is unique about this space is not just the home itself, but the gazebo and backyard that was built in the last 27 years.

*This blog entry does contain affiliate links

First, what makes this home special to me was that I grew up across the street from this home and saw all the transformations occur with the backyard.

Also, when I was a little girl there has been 5 different owners, and every single one updated it little by little. Exactly 26 years ago this backyard was just grass, with NO POOL & NO GAZEBO. Can you imagine that?

Next, here’s some great facts and timeline about the evolution of this great backyard & installed gazebo:

  1. In the early 2000s a young couple who flipped houses moved in and added a necessary pool for this space.
  2. In mid 2000s the next set of owners were from South Africa and loved the outdoors. They decided to design and build the gazebo.
  3. Since the house was a historical landmark the owners had to design the gazebo to look and feel like the rest of the home. It had to keep the same aesthetic as everything else.
  4. The gazebo overlooks the pool and you effortlessly can jump right into the pool from there! It’s absolutely stunning and extremely relaxing.

What ties this gazebo together is the amazing furniture pieces.

Here are the last 4 fun facts about this space:

  1. If you ever visited a Tulum, Mexican resort; this gazebo has that feel. The extreme arches give the space the hotel resort design and the grand entrance feel.
  2. One of the most complex sections of the gazebo is the amazing wooden panels built in the ceiling where the fan is located. It is breathtaking!
  3. The pool was changed to salt water about 4 years ago! Honestly it brings out the amazing blue/teal color in the water. The water looks unrealistic in the most beautiful manner.
  4. The other side of the home has turf grass. The previous owner installed complete turf grass for easier maintenance and to save money on getting the grass cut weekly.

Last, the current family living here are amazing people who respect and love the home for its reach history and aesthetic. Their taste in outdoor furniture was spot on to what this place needed to uphold the tradition of this timeless landmark.

Do you have a space in your home that you traditionally cherish?

Below I have included some amazon pieces that would be great substitute items to capture this gazebo feel. Just click on the picture below for all the details! See below…happy shopping!


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As Lynette drives jumps from call to call negotiating with her key department stores to drive her Coty Fragrance business, she sits in her living room fixing up her amazing coffee book collection as she once again admires her beautiful home that she share with her wonderful husband!

Welcome to another Jessi’s I Love Places featuring a close friend of mine named Lynette who a high power regional director for Coty Fragrances Division! #powerfulwoman I admire her so much as a business woman and as a friend. We have been working together for the past couple of years and I noticed how amazing Lynette’s taste in clothes and style always.

So I was extremely excited to feature portions of her amazing home for my next entry. I just adore her official living room. I love the neutral pieces of furniture, however she adds amazing color accessories like the pillows up against the mirror to the red orange coffee table. I am also obsessed with her collection of coffee books, she has them everywhere but in a way that makes sense and creates such dimension to her room.

Lynette also does a great job of balancing solids with a bit of print to give the space more depth. The carpet and the matching pillow patterns were just the right touch.
Fun Fact: She loves leopard prints by the way lol.

The Entrance…One of the most thoughtful and stunning entries to a home comes from Lynette as well. She does an amazing job with choosing wallpaper that fit and match her taste in furniture. The chairs matched perfectly with the walls but they did not blend in and get lost. The walls had a print on top of the muted gray tone that tied in with the gray velvet like grand chairs in the entry way.

I am excited to share more of Lynette’s home in my next post but for now here are a few design/decor tips I learned from visiting her home:

  • Monochromatic mixed with prints is awesome – Being able to keep the same color story but have a print thrown in to shake it up is the ultimate design concept.
  • Wallpaper is back – If you pick the right wallpaper and match it up with coordinating furniture pieces you will have a wow in your home.
  • Coffee table books NEVER GET OLD – Coffee books are like works of art that you do not hang. Continue to utilize them to make your spaces more interesting.
  • Mirrors – Long Mirrors defiantly give the illusion that the room looks bigger. It may not be a bad idea for me get one for our living room now, I beyond inspired.
  • Art Pieces – A living room or entry way is not complete without a work of art of some sort displayed. It just ties the room together and sets the tone for what you want the decor of your home to be.

So cheers to the Jessi’s I Love Places feature for the week! What do you feel is the most important part of a living room?

Lynette found many of her pieces in one of a kind locations and Macys! She loves to mix the low with the high. Check out some cool dupes from Macy’s based on some of the very unique pieces from this home. Click picture below to take you there!

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