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New Year, New Skin

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As many of you know, I used to be a Beauty Director for Macy’s for the past 2.5 years. Needless to say, I know I little bit about beauty products and what customers like and didn’t like. Since it is 2021 and a new year, this is the best time to try new products to rejuvenate your skin ladies & gentleman! Check out my top picks based on a skincare routine that I follow daily!

First, I want to make sure everyone understands the proper steps to washing and moisturizing the face. It should be Cleansing, Toning, Serum application & moisturizing. Here are my top picks based on each steps:


To begin with, Always Always wash your face…to start your day and finish your day! Cleansing the face is critical to having healthy skin men or women. Note to the guys: You need to wash your face as well as your facial hair! It is a must! Shop below and find out my top 3!

My Top 3!

  • Youth to the People Superfood Antioxident Cleanser (Sephora) – By far one of my favorite cleansers. It smells fresh and my skin complexion improved within the first 2 weeks of using it. It has all natural ingredients including kale. It is amazing for women of color with blemishes.
  • Chanel La Mousse – has an amazing rich cream texture and it moisturizes as it cleans your skin. I am using this one right now and I just love it!
  • Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C Renewing Powder Cleanser – This is by far the best cleanser in the morning. It is a actual powder that turns into a pace. It has Vitamin C in it and every morning it will rejuvenate your skin…it helped me brighten my complexion so much.


Second, This is one of the most skipped steps in a skincare regimen and it is actually one of the most important steps you can do. Toners help remove any remaining dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin after you cleanse. Shop below & see my top 3!

My Top 3!

  • OLEHENRIKSEN dark spot toner – This is my #1 toner! It removes dirt from your face as well as work on remove dark spot blemishes. This is the best toner in my opinion.
  • Fenty Skin Fat Water Pore Refining Toner Serum – Rihanna did well with this one. It removes makeup and it also improves your skin.
  • Lancome Tonique Confort Comforting Rehydrating Face Toner – This is a toner that moisturizes your skin like no other. Lancome has some of the best skincare products ever.

Serum Application

Next, is serums! Serums is the most important step in my opinion. You pick a product based on the needs of your skin. For example, I have discoloration issues so therefore therefore I need a serum who focuses on that need. I remember many of my customers when I worked at Macy’s loved anti-wrinkle creams in order for them to look younger at all times. You need to purchase a serum based on your skincare needs. Shop Below and take a look at my top 3!

My Top 3!

  • Shiseido Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate – THIS THE SERUM I AM USING RIGHT NOW! IT HAS CHANGED MY COMPLEXION FOR THE BETTER. I suffer from massive dark spots on my neck and they continue to fade away because of this.
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – Still a classic till this day. This serum fights sign of aging and whenever I heard that someone uses it, it is obvious by the appearance of their skin.
  • Origins GinZing into the Glow Brightening Serum – If you are looking for a cheaper serum to use then go with Origins. It helps to brighten your complexion.


Last, Moisturizers in my opinion seal the deal to your skincare regimen day and night. There are so many great ones and it is important to always keep your skin hydrated. Shop Below & see my top 3!

Top 3!

  • Skinfix Barrier + Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream – One of the best hydrating moisturizers there is. I literally wore no makeup for a day just to see how my skin would feel. From 8a to about 6p I didn’t feel dryness at all whatsoever!
  • Youth to the People SuperFood Air Whip Moisture Cream – Such a clean option to moisturize your skin. This cream includes kale, green tea and much more like Vitamin C. This one focuses o fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator – It has already become such a classic for Clinique and it’s not even 5 years old. Moisture surge literally keeps you hydrated for 2 days, it just makes your skin extremely plump!

On a budget Finds Skincare!

Also, check out some of my favorite skincare products from Amazon at a more reasonable price!


Jessi Morgan

New Year…Keep going!

I am not usually a New Year resolution person but I feel for 2021 it is needed. Putting together some great tips to jump start 2021 is key.

2020 for most people was a terrible year and I can completely understand why with Covid-19. My husband and I lost our jobs at one point and we were living off of unemployment. However we came through it and we are stronger than ever before.

I want 2021 to be a great year of growth and being grateful. Here are some tips to start 2021 right: 

Vision Board

I’ve never done one but working on mine now. It’s a great way to set goals and visually see them all year so you continue to grow and stay focused. Vision Boards also make you have the sense of urgency to get things done as well, they keep you motivated for sure.

Some of the key things I am placing on my vision board:

  • Continue Home Reno – We want to focus on the master bathroom, butler pantry and possibly some other room updates. Very Excited!
  • Learn and grow with my new company! Started a new job in December 2020.
  • Learn SEO for my blog in order to optimize it on google. This is a process for me, not easy but I am learning.
  • Finish my John Maxwell Speaker/Leadership Certification
  • Continue to evolve on my blog and social media. It has been very fun to learn and connect with so many people. Excited to keep it up.
  • Write a Children’s book. I will elaborate more on this later! Stay tuned!
  • Have a BABY. We are ready to have a little bundle of joy, we will start trying in 2021. Blessed to be healthy and to be able to try with my husband.

Get Rest aka Go to bed earlier

If you go to bed at a decent hour, the next day will be more productive. Basically go before 11p! If you get your body to go to bed earlier you will start your day earlier and get more done in my opinion. During furlough my sleep pattern was thrown off and I was up late all the time. This resulted in me becoming sluggish in the mornings and it took twice the time for me to get going. For 2021 I cannot allow that and will be making this change.

Wake up with 3 blessings

Wake up daily being grateful for 3 things in your life. Say it out loud, it goes a long way…trust me. I usually wake up, say a prayer and proclaim out loud 3 things I am grateful for that day. Starting your day with something positive is the way to go.

Give your body 15 minutes

Workout! Be active! Do something to get your physical body going from jogging to walking to spinning to yoga to crunches. You name it. Do it! We recently bought a Peloton and we love it. I am making myself get up in the morning and get my workout in whether it is 45 minutes to hardcore 15 minute workout.

Set time aside for “You” and friends/family

In my previous job I never made time for friends especially. I realized that I need to schedule this time just like a I do a doctor’s appointment! Make time for friends…it will help to maybe clear your mind or just catch up with people you love to be around. 

Make time for friends…it will help to maybe clear your mind or just catch up with people you love to be around. 

Last, family is everything. With my new job being remote I make time to spend with my parents and my grandparents. You just never what time you have left, make the most of it always.

Date Night

If you are involved with someone make sure to schedule date night. Even if you see each other daily set a permanent time to hang out. It will make you look forward to something. Also, I prefer having a date night where I can actually talk to them. I never want to do a movie or a loud sports event.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you start 2021 right! What are you going to do differently in the new year? Share in comments?

Happy New Year Everyone!


Jessi Morgan

Why I left Macys

I decided after 8 successful years moving up the retail ladder with Macy’s, I resigned on my own terms. I was benched/being groomed to be a store manager which would have brought me into 6 figures, but I made the decision to walk away.

Why? You will probably think it’s because retail is dead. It is not dead, it has changed due to how to how the customer shops. Brick & Mortar retail (department stores/standing retail stores) is not what it used to be, I will say only specific specialty is working. For example, Home Depot business has been amazing in 2020 due to the US staying home because of Covid-19. Since you are sitting at home, you have the urge to update your home. Since you cannot travel, many people took their vacation money and renovated parts of their home.

Another retailer that is working is Target. Target is a convenience type of department store since it offers everything for affordable prices. Everything is in one location from pharmacy, beauty, groceries, bedding, electronics and more. It’s hard shopping there, because you always come out with something you were not planning to buy.


In April 2020, the majority of Macy’s employees were furlough for 3 months. I was one of them. I was shocked and felt a bit betrayed, but I accepted it and decided to make the best of it. Here’s what I focused on:

  1. My Parents – My parents are retired so everyday I would visit with them and spend time. Working retail I never had a lot of time and due to furlough I took advantage while I wasn’t at work.
  2. My Dog – Yes my dog. Eli is his name. I not only love my dog but he also put into perspective what it would be like to have a baby. Eli is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously, I realize that he thrives when I am around more and the same concept would be when I have a child. I want to be around.
  3. Dad – My dad is a ex-Miami Dolphin player and played in the National Football League for 10 years. He was very successful, however he is suffering with dementia and Multiple Sclorsis (MS) now in his later years. MS affects the nervous system so his walking has worsen and it is harder for him to get around. It puts a lot of stress on my mom and I want to be around more to support.
  4. Other life career goals – I have been interested in understanding social media and wanted to maybe start a blog. My parents helped me make it a LLC, pay for the site and much more. I am extremely grateful for the support and excited to see what will unfold for me in 2021. Also, I signed up for the John Maxwell Leadership course to become a possible professional speaker. Very humbled and pleased to pursue to lifelong dream.

With having these 4 focuses at the center of my priorities during furlough my entire view on life changed when I returned to work July 7.

After Furlough

When I returned to work, the job was different and the stores had less people working than before. I understood the job cuts and everything to stay above water financially, however it was still tough to see so many not with Macy’s anymore. The expectation was taken to another level when it came to in-store initiatives that brought some stress and transitioning back to work became a bit of a challenge for me.

Next, the workload increased, more busy work, excessive virtual meetings and tighter deadlines with less hands to execute. With all of that happening I started to slip on the 4 focuses from the furlough completely. I missed it and I knew I had to make a change.

The Final Decision

What made me realize that I was ready to leave was when one of my vendor partners called my phone 8 times to set up a call to discuss a Fragrance display that was not positioned in the location they wanted. They kept calling and complaining about it even though their business was the best in the entire department.

As I drove home that night, I thought to myself that they are complaining about a fixture placement and we have people in our country dying of Covid, hunger and just depression from not having work or income coming in. I realized that I need to move on and work some place where I can make a difference in society and have time to focus on things I enjoyed.

The End

Last, I was hired away by a close friend’s company named Service Now. They are a up & coming tech company and they are just expanding their departments in recruitment, intership intake, community outreach, diversity and inclusion to name a few. I am excited to work remotely so I can be the better version of myself and have a little more time to be available for my family, husband and possible future career opportunities.

What I learned through all of this…you have to be happy and put every aspect of your job in a fair assessment if this is the right career for you. I was built for retail for 12 years total and now I am excited to move on and try something new.

Did you learn something about yourself during furlough or this past summer during Covid 19? Please share below…