Gulf Shores: Home Decor Inspiration

Coastal lifestyle is a gem that can translate to any home when it comes to home decor. I am now obsessed and so inspired to turn our master bedroom into a coastal feel soon. I recently went on an awesome family vacation retreat with my dad’s side of the family. I was not planning toContinue reading “Gulf Shores: Home Decor Inspiration”

The Evolution of our Powder Room

The famous saying that you have to crawl before you walk…well that is extremely accurate with own boho powder room. For those you are not familiar, my husband and I moved into our first home in September 2020 and it was a true fixer upper. First, the previous owner was a nice mother & daughterContinue reading “The Evolution of our Powder Room”

Favorite daily routine beauty Products

Glow Girl GLOW! And no I’m not pregnant. Anyways my skin is glowing these days! The products I’ve been using has transformed my entire look. And…no I am not a makeup artist or skincare expert. I am a beauty director for the business side. Always have been and love it. I have always been embarrassedContinue reading “Favorite daily routine beauty Products”

How to Start a New Role with a New Team in Retail…

I knew when I accepted the position that it was Macy’s highest volume store and a multi-million-dollar unit and although I have many lessons I took away from that experience, I’ll save some of those for another blog. Let me give you a little background first. Before Herald Square Macy’s I was managing a $30Continue reading “How to Start a New Role with a New Team in Retail…”

South Florida’s Sawgrass Mills: Open Amid Pandemic

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