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Our contemporary kitchen pantry

Our contemporary kitchen pantry is one of my favorite renovation projects so far. It has evolved let me tell you, but it is beautiful and functional for our family. 

Backstory: Our home was built in 1976, and the previous owner lived here for 28 years but failed to update anything but the floors. Yes, so you know there is work to be done.

Check out the space originally and then after we took out the wall

Anyways, last year in 2021 we tackled the pantry area of the kitchen. We lacked space and for re-sell purposes that would hurt us tremendously. In the long run, we decided to revamp it with the help of California Closets. We love our contemporary kitchen pantry so much, and it has turned out to be extremely functional for our family. Here are the ends and outs of our pantry:

  • Small fridge & Pantry = less home value – Originally the space had a small pantry with wired shelving and an old folding door. You couldn’t fit anything in there. If we try to sell right now, we potentially can discourage buyers due to the lack of space in the kitchen. 
  • We originally were just going to replace the fridge, but when it arrived it did not fit! We decided to move it to the other side of the kitchen and expand the pantry. 
  • Expand Expand when you can! – We knocked out the little wall and made one huge space to install the open pantry. It has made such a difference in being able to hold all our food and seeing what we have. 
  • Power cord hidden – That is a must have in a pantry always. My coffee machine to my tea kettle all work!
  • Add design to your pantry when you can – Simple peel & stick wallpaper was the trick for me. I wanted some excitement on the walls before the unit was installed. It now looks like a stunning contemporary kitchen pantry.
After the wallpaper was installed. Details of wallpaper at the end of this post
  • Used simple white bins from the container store at different sizes to “contain” everything in the pantry. 
  • Used “The Home Edit” labels –  but to make them stand out more, I bought a simple white label and drew with black marker then finally placed the Home Edit label. Check out my reel with this process
  • Cereal dispenser – They are great! If you can afford them, get them. Better way to hold a lot with less space. No more baulky cereal boxes. 
  • Separate your pantry by categories that work for you – We split our bins into the following categories:
    1. Cooking – all cooking recipes and canned food used to cook
    2. Snacks – we love our snacks, sorry!
    3. Spreads – We use a lot of peanut butter, almond butter and more
    4. Grains
    5. Condiments
    6. Coffee
    7. Pasta
    8. Sweetner
    9. Juices
    10. Cookies

Shop dupes and everything I used below!


Jessi Morgan